My little secret and lifesaver in the summer and on holiday.

I had a chat on twitter today with Hollie, Betty, Foxtrotter and Kathryn about anti chafing remedies. Hollie had reviewed the Bandalettes on her blog HERE and I commented on it on twitter saying I use this little remedy called Body Glide. Most people had not heard about it, so I thought I would share my thoughts and views on the product with everyone that reads my blog.

I came across it online as I was so sick and tired of trying everything from cut up tights, baby powder to cycle shorts to avoid chafing in the summer or on holiday. I found it cheap on Ebay so I ordered one stick of it and it helped so well that since then I haven't tried anything else. It's amazing.

There is several different types of this product, but I have only tried the regular one.
Here is a link to the website where it has a section for plus size people as well. 

It comes in a little bottle, like a deodorant stick, just smaller and it is quite expensive for the size of the stick. But I think it is worth it as it actually works. It's easy to apply, it stays on well, although in hot weather you will have to apply more than once a day, the stick is very handy to carry with you in your handbag, it's not messy at all like body powder can be and it doesn't smell.

When you apply it you just rub it one like a deodorant. It takes a couple of minutes before you notice that you have anything on. It makes it feel smoother and your thighs slide very easy, no chafing at all. 

I have also used it for inner arm when wearing sequins, under my boobs in summer, when wearing new shoes to avoid blisters and everywhere else you tend to get sore.

I can highly recommend this product for anyone who struggles with this challenge and doesn't want to wear tights under dress and skirts then invest in this product.


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