Kiko Make-Up

When I went to Italy last year I was walking the streets of Naples and I came across a brand of make up I had never heard of before. Kiko. Their shop looked chic, trendy and amazingly colourful  so I went in and had a look.

It wasn't a lot of space, because the whole shop was filled with make up. The choices are so many that it is almost a bit overwhelming. I was in heaven!! I was so surprised cause the assistants were so friendly and helpful and actually had insight in make up and what products to choose without thinking about selling you as much as possible. Their display has also got very useful and helpful little extras, like a tape dispenser so you can put it on your nail and paint over your current manicure to see how the colour looks on. 

Or displays of cotton buds and tissues if you try on make up. You don't have to ask for it, it is already there. I found this very helpful and most of all useful. 

The prices was very good to so I decided to try some of their products. I bought two eye shadows and a lipstick. It came to the pleasant price of  €10. Didn’t expect much really, but I was surprised. When I tried the make up I was very impressed too. The pigmentation in the eye shadow is amazing. Cheap, high quality and they have become a favourite of mine. The shadow sit without creasing or fading throughout a whole working day. It is easy to apply and the price is also very budget friendly. 

I love their lovely lipsticks as well. Especially their Smart Lipstick. It is creamy, light and smells and tastes wonderfully of vanilla. I use their lipstick more than my MAC ones now and that says a lot since I have been a big fan of MAC for a long time. 

When I went to Spain later in the year I went to my second Kiko shop in Playa Flamenca where these photos are from and the shop looked very much like the one in Naples.

I bought some more products like nail varnishes, eyebrow gel and an Ultra Glossy lipstick. 

I love the eyebrow gel that comes in a handy pencil shape. I use this every day. It's easy to apply and doesn't feel heavy on my eyebrows. Keep them in place and shape all day. 

I have tried four of their nail varnishes and I'm not that impressed with them. They are easy to apply and they dry quickly. But the varnish start peeling off after just one day of use. Maybe two if you use a top coat. 

The Ultra Glossy Lipstick is lovely. Smooth and easy to apply. More like a lipgloss with more colour. It doesn't stay as nicely as the other one, but it's still great! 

They have opened a shops in UK now as well as having an online shop.
The shops is at the Westfield in Shepherds Bush and in Stratford, so if you live in London I recommend to take a trip to Kiko for some great make up for cheap prices.

Have you ever heard of Kiko?

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