Nightly thoughts.

Hello my lovely readers. 

I have been blogging frequently since the summer now and it has been a great six months.I know I might not be unique in the way I do things here on the blog, but it has been a bit trial and error so far to see how I find it and how I find it reaching out to people.

In this blog post I was wondering if I could ask you guys a massive favour? I need some feedback! I need some feedback on how I’m doing? How is my written English is since I’m Norwegian as I don’t ask my hubby to correct it before I publish it? What do you want to read more about? What have you liked best about my blog? What I can do different with my blog design? How I can interact better with you as a reader? I have many questions and these are just some of them, so I will just say that no matter what feedback it is please write to me about it so I can make my blog better and more entertaining for you as a reader. I truly appreciate every opinion, good or bad.

This was just a little short post, but I'll be back with a little different post tomorrow. 

Night everyone! :)


  1. I can’t say something about your english. I’m totally happy if someone understand mine. :D I really love your blog, your outfits and your personality. Maybe you can improve the photos a bit. Nothing complicated, but sometimes I wish they were a bit larger and brighter. The rest is fine and I love to come back to read your posts. :)

    ♡ Mel xoxo

    1. Thanks for the feedback Melanie. I really appreciate it. I will try and make my photos lighter. I'm glad you like the blog. Did you see the photos from Norway? :)

    2. I do and I love them. Such a beautiful place. xx

    3. Yes, it is my little gem. I love it there. Just wish my dad was still around. :(