Merry Christmas Everyone.

When you read this I'm in Spain on holiday, trying a different kind of Christmas.
(I have written some posts beforehand and scheduled them in case I have a bad signal in Spain. I'm on the Euro Traveller plan, so I will manage to keep up to date on Twitter and Instagram, but more difficult to blog. Where we are going is no WiFi so it's better for me to prepare some posts.)

Christmas. What does Christmas mean for you? Do you celebrate Christmas? Are you a different religion so you don't celebrate Christmas or maybe you just don't really care?

For me Christmas is not that special. From childhood I've never been used to celebrating it. My parents were very relaxed about it and I guess I have just taken that with me in life. I do celebrate Christmas, but I'm very relaxed. I never decorate for Christmas, I never have a Christmas Tree, I never go to church and if we are celebrating Christmas at home I never cook Christmas food. I have only had Christmas Tree once in my entire life! :)

Mike is used to a more normal celebration of Christmas, but he is very relaxed too. He does like the Christmas food and the family gatherings. I have to admit that I like the family gatherings in Mike's family too as they are so funny and nice. Presents is another thing about Christmas that has got so extremely out of hand for many. When I read in the newspapers that Ipads or weekend trips to Paris is stocking fillers or people taking up loans to pay for Christmas I start wondering what is wrong with this world? Calm down, there is a life after Christmas too!

I tend to buy gifts for the closest family and friends. And I always try to spend lots of time thinking what they might like. I love making Christmas Presents myself, but this year due to my health I haven't been able to make any.

Mike and I have decided that instead of buying each other an expensive gift we would spend the money on booking a nice holiday for us instead. This year we booked a holiday in Cyprus in February and it feels so much more meaningful since both of us love travelling.

I hope that everyone out there have a great Christmas and spend the time with family and friends. That is my favourite thing about Christmas.

What's yours?



  1. *hrmhrm* God Jul! ;) Wish you a Merry Christmas, Gorgeous! And a great time in Spain.

    ♡ Mel xoxo

    1. Aww thanks Mel. I'm sorry for my late response, but have a great New Year. :)