Great Bargain Finds

The 5 best finds under £10.

As a lot of you know I’m a true bargain hunter and I’m never one that let a great deal go past without a second look. Also some of my best blogger friends are people on limited funds or students so I thought they might want to get some nice things before Christmas without breaking the bank.

Since I’m skint until payday on Friday I haven’t bought anything the last week or two, so I thought I would share my bargain finds with you.

First one is from One One Three

Lovely dress with exciting design. I have ordered this dress myself as I love the combination black/red and I can’t wait to get it as I know a few ways to wear it already.

Second one is from Pink Clove

This beauty is a fantastic find under £10 and I am tempted to buy this myself as it would be lovely for work and also for any dressed up occasion. A classic skirt that you can get lot of use from.

Third one is from F&F at Tesco

This dress is so subtly sexy.. Is that a word by the way? Just writing before checking spelling. It is a LBD, but has got some very nice PU details on the shoulders that adds a bit of edge to it. It has also got PU trim. Round neck so can be dressed up or down easily no matter what occasion.

Fourth one is from H&M+

I love the simplicity of this dress and I can picture myself this dress with a big red statement necklace and red shoes. Perfect for the office and also to dress up for a night out with a sequin blazer or shrug. 

Fifth item under 10 that makes it to my list is this beauty from Dorothy Perkins

I'm normally not wearing trousers often, but if I bought these once I think I would wear them a lot as they have such a sexy and bold print. Would be lovely wearing with a black jumper and statement patent ankle boots. 

These are the most exciting finds I can find under £10, so if you want to secure one or more of them yourself, hurry, as I think it will be sold out sooner than later. 


  1. I love the top two. I almost bought the Pink Clove skirt but went for a dress and 2 leggings in the end. x x

    1. It is so nice that skirt so I ordered it. It will be useful for work. Pink Clove is amazing for bargain finds. xx