Make Up Haul.

This is my first ever haul post and as most girls I love make up although I tend to buy more than I use. I can't stand feeling sticky and uncomfortable, so I tend to stick to my easy make up ritual on a normal day. That means mark my eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner and of course red lipstick! I rarely wear foundation, concealer, powder and blush as I hate having sticky skin or just the feeling of having it on makes my skin itch. I don't know if I'm not buying the correct products or what it is, but I have never been used to wearing it. I'm quite lucky to have good skin so most times I don't even think about it.

I was looking on the internet the other day and I came over this website that sells very cheap make up from a number of well known brands and with prices down to £0.35 I thought why not. The website is called Cosmetics Fairy and they provided great products for very cheap prices. They also shipped it really quickly and my big packet with make up was with me within 2-3 days. I can recommend them very much and you won't be disappointed with the make up either.

Here is what I bought in my big haul.


  1. Ohmygosh thanks for the website and well done for your first beauty haul! I knew there would be a red lipstick in there somewhere!xo

  2. Lol, can't order make up without ordering a red lipstick!! That is a given!! :) Glad to help!! :) xx

  3. I've just added this to my favorite, thanks for this link! x

    1. No problem Laura. It is a great site and they post promptly too. :) xx