30x30 Week 3

When I write this we are well into week four of the challenge and it still goes very well. I have used most of the things I picked so it gets harder to make new outfits, but here is what I did in week 3.


Wearing item 9 and 27


Wearing item 2 and 22


Wore item 13


Wore items number 16 and 18


Wearing item 12 and 27, last Friday of Movember, so won't be wearing this t-shirt again.


Wearing items 14, 21 and 27

Don't have any photos, but wore item number 9 and 26.

This week was very busy for me as my daughter was visiting from Norway. I had such a lovely time and I wish she could have stayed longer as I miss her so much.

Looking forward to the rest of this week to come up with some new outfits of the items I have is getting harder and harder, but it is great fun!!

Go and take a look what the other girls have been wearing over the week too. I know I will now.

Toni http://theonlywayist.com/
Laura http://laurapantslifestyle.blogspot.co.uk/

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