Awkward questions.

Have you thought that there are some questions that you can't ask anyone? You can't ask your family, you can't ask your colleagues and you can't ask your doctor as it is too embarrassing. So I thought, if there is anyone I can ask it has to be my fellow plus size bloggers. This post might be "horrible" for some of you as I have asked lots of questions I can't ask anyone else as I think they are overweight related, so if you are squeamish please don't read on or consider this a warning.

I have lots of questions, but not guts to ask anyone, so instead I do it in a post and hope that someone sees it and might struggle with the same and come to my rescue. 

Questions you have, but can’t ask anyone else.

Do you have coarse dark hair growing under your chin? I do, not many, but enough to make me think that it has to do with hormones…. But I have never dared to ask a doctor.

Do you have skin growth on your neck? I do and I really hate it. I asked the doctor and she said it was normal skin changes as I was getting older, but since then I have got more of them and also around my armholes…. Hmmm don’t know if this is true or not.. Just really unflattering and I want to get rid of them.

Do you get sores between thighs, under boobs and under tummy during summer as you go with bare legs and thighs rub on each other? I do, but I have found a cure. I use something cold Body Glide and this helps really well. It makes your skin slide instead of rub and I swore to it all summer this year. It is about £6 for a tube, a bit expensive since it is not very big, but it is worth it in my opinion.

Does you feet swell up all the time? In boots and especially when it is warm? My feet looks like flotation devices in the summer and I hate it as my feet and legs are quite nice and toned so I like my legs a lot, but sometimes they feels like logs due to water retention.

Do you have back ache, knee ache and hip ache? I do and I don't know if it has anything to do with my overweight, but it seems to get worse with me becoming older. I have talked to doctors about it and then I always get the fat shaming lecture about how I have to lose weight. I know I do due to my health so stop nagging me!! :(

Have any of you numbness in back, thighs or arms sometimes? This is something that has come on the last couple of months and has made me a bit worried as I'm thinking that is must have something to do with my weight as it feels like I'm being paralyzed in these places. It only happens if I am out and about doing stuff and becoming tired and exhausted. Never when I sit still or lay in bed.

Do any of you sweat a lot when it is hot outside and you're active at the same time? With a lot I mean so you can feel it drips down your back and down your thighs and your face feels so moist that make up isn't even an option. In the summer I get this if it gets really hot and I have even had to wear tea towels attached to my bra to avoid having sweat stains on my clothes.

These are the questions I have right now, but feel free to post other questions and it might be someone who suffers with the same who reads it and can help. 


  1. Skin tags, the things on your neck and armpits, are really common. You can get rid of them by putting clear nail polish on them or tying thread around them. It starves them of oxygen and they'll drop off.

    Dark hairs on the chin are normal too - as we age we get more male hormones so keep plucking. ;)

    It's normal for people to sweat a lot in summer, but I think fat people do sweat more. It's important to wear fabrics which absorb sweat, like cotton, and to move slowly to minimise it. I do get rashes under my boobs sometimes in summer so I use an antibacterial soap like Cydal, which seems to help. Lots of talcum powder helps absorb sweat too.

    As to the aches and pains I think everyone gets them as we get older but if you're having them a lot it might be worth going to your doctor and asking them to do tests for inflammatory conditions such as Fibromyalgia. x x

    1. Aww thanks for this Leah. I have never heard of nail polish on skin tags. I will definitely try that out. And thanks for the tip regarding the soap, I will remember that in the summer when I get sore. :) And I think I will swap doctors surgery as I don't feel like I'm being taken seriously by my doctor. But yes, I will ask them to do that as I feel more and more achy... sigh.. getting older I guess. :) xx

  2. May I ask how long youve been achy? Ive foubd I get lower backaches a lot more frequently since having an epidural/spinal block 6 months ago. Especially overnight when I lay down for long periods. I cant work out if its because of the weight fluctuations over the past 3 years, the spinal or if I've wrecked my mattress!

    I get AWFUL sores on my thighs too. Not always from chaffing but also just from sweating in a pair of jeans. Ive always got them and the marks/scars last so long. I use cut up leggings under dresses and talc regularly to try and avoid it but still get caught out.

    I have one little chin hair that I pluck out. I also have one on my jawline. Curse those pesky hormones! I rememeber once having a dark hair on my chest. I'd started seeing a guy and he thought it was a stray and tried to pick it off my chest and it stuck, I was mortified! Thankfully that one never came back although I don't think my husband now would care at all. Xx

    1. I have been achy for the last two-three years I think. :( But if you have had pain since epidural you should mention it to the doctor. Cause it might be something to do with it. :( Pain is not to have anyway.. and you do need your back for everything. :)

      Try that Bodyglide I use cause it has worked wonders for me at least. I have one in my handbag at any time that I use. :) It is so painful to get sores there and when you walk the friction is back and just get worse. :(

      Aww bless you dear. That must have been horrible. My husband doesn't care about my hair.. he even helps me pick them. :( Is it hormones that makes them come?? I hate the hairs and I'm considering laser on them as they do annoy me so much.