Club Indulge's Plus Size Christmas Market.

Me with Charlotte from Black Heart Creatives and Betty from Big Fat Betty.

Carmen, Me, Leah and James, Leah's hubby.

Carmen, me and Betty.

Me and Betty

Lovely and beautiful Miranda with her pork pies;)

My lovely hubby Mike, Leah and her lovely hubby James.

Leah doing some hand to boobie grabbing action and Debz that I had never met before. Lovely girls!!

Carmen, me, Miranda, Leah and Debz.

On Saturday I went to London with Mike to go to the Christmas Market that Club Indulge was hosting. I was very excited when I heard about it as I loved going to Plus London. I looked forward to seeing the fabulous plus size bloggers again and being able to make more of connection with some people. On the way up there Mike and stopped in Richmond to pick up Carmen who also wanted to go and since we were going the same way it was natural to pick her up or otherwise she would have to trek through London for a couple of hours. I just have to thank my wonderful, kind and amazing husband for taking us there and helping me out with everything from being moral support, finding clothes in the loft, putting up rails and hanging up clothes. You are the best thing in my life and I truly love you!

We came there and a few people had already come and started putting up their things. I had brought lots. And by lots I mean LOTS. I had 5 bin bags full of clothes, one bag was full of free stuff cause when I was looking for stuff I found so much I did not need.
I had a rail and a table and me and Carmen shared a table and I also shared my rail with Carmen as I did not use the whole rail.

Miranda at Club Indulge had done such a great job in hosting this event and she had decorated the venue and had brought lovely muffins, cakes and pork pies so no one needed to be hungry.
 There were girls that sold jewelry, one that did nails, one that did massages and beauty treatments and one woman that sold make overs for cheap. Personally I didn't get any of the treatments as I have just had my eyebrows done and my nails done too.

There were lots of lovely ladies present and I loved meeting them all. I had met a few of them before at Plus London, and it was great seeing them again and getting to meet some that I'd never met before. Betty from Big Fat Betty is so sweet and let me borrow her suitcase for my free stuff and had even brought sweets that she handed out. She is such a lovely person and I'm looking forward getting to know her better. Charlotte from Black Heart Creatives was there as well and she met me with a big hug and said she had made my Mookie necklace. I had asked her as late as on Thursday if she could make me a Mookie necklace and she kindly did. I chose navy colour as I think navy is so nice to my pale skin and I think it looks awesome on. I love it.

The only thing which I was disappointed with was that there were so few people that came. It was so sad for Miranda who had done this great job in organizing everything. A lot of people on twitter had said they would come, but then they did not come anyway. People are of course busy in this time leading up to Christmas is, but it was such a great atmosphere and lots of lovely bargains that it was a real shame that no one came.

A few of us swapped some things and I will be doing some posts later on with clothes I got. One truly lovely summer dress from Leah, which came all the way from Hastings to be there, that I will bring to Spain with me as it will be perfect for a warm Spain.

I hope that Miranda will continue to organize and host her fun filled events cause she is a true gem who always has a smile on her face and gives the warmest hugs too.



  1. It was a lovely day. I wish we'd had longer there, stupid traffic! Thanks for my few pieces as well. :) x x

    1. Yes, it would have been good hanging out longer, but oh well. Better than nothing and every chance to meet friendly people is great. :) Your welcome. I hope you find good use of them. xx

  2. Looks really fun! I'm gutted I couldn't make it :( x

    1. It was good fun and I was thinking about you on the day as it would have been great saying hello. :) But soon another year and another chance. xx

  3. Sounds like you had a great day, even if there were only a few people. It's so sad that not more came.

    ♡ Mel xoxo

    1. Yes, that is the thing. I felt so sorry for Miranda who had done a great job in organizing the whole thing. But we who were there had a great time. xx

  4. You all look fab! Love that you all wore either leopard prints/tartan!
    Can't wait to see you this week xo
    I shall text you to!!xo

    1. Aww looking forward hearing from you dear. Thanks. We looked smashing all of us I think ;) xx