Fashion Love/Hate

You’ve probably had a few things that you have been trying to like, but you just can’t? And then you have the trusted same things that you wear all the time as they makes you feel so comfortable. Everyone has got things they love and hate and I’m no different. So I thought I would share my top 3 love/hate things with you.


  1. Cardigans. I love cardigans. Summer, winter, thick or thin, plain or patterned I love them all. I have at least 30 cardigans in my wardrobe and I always wear them. In the summer more as a cover up when it isn’t too warm worn with cute dresses etc. In the winter more as a layering item to keep cosy and warm. I try to get into wearing coats more as I think they look so stylish and pretty, but I never seem to get on with them. I have a few in my wardrobe, but always seem to return to my thick and cosy cardigans. 8 out of 10 times I do. My favourite cardigan right now is this one from Simply Be. It is on my Christmas List!
  2. Dresses. I always wear dresses and have always worn them. Ever since I was little I loved dressing up in cute dresses. It made me feel like a princess and it still does. I try to wear more jeans and trousers, but I can’t get on with them. I really dislike it. I don’t feel as feminine as I like when I wear trousers. My dream dress right now is this little beauty from Simply Be.
  3. Leggings. I live in leggings. They are the most comfortable item ever! Not only do they keep my legs warm in winter, they are stretchy and look good with dresses and skirts or long tunics. I love wearing a short skirt and boots with leggings. Makes me feel stylish without looking too frumpy. I have tried lots of different leggings, but I keep returning to the best ones I have ever had. 2 pack of leggings from Sainsburys. Yes, I mean it. Sainsbury’s leggings are superb. They are stretchy and really comfortable. Made of a fairly thick material that doesn’t sag. No saggy knees with these ones. And the price is only £10 for two in a pack so you can’t go wrong.My favourite leggings these days is the one I wear in the photo under. It is from Forever 21. 


1.      Oil Cloth Handbags. I really really hate these with a passion. There seem to have been an explosion in these handbags lately, both a very well know brand and lots of cheaper copies. I think these are so nasty looking, they just look so cheap. I don’t mind the pattern that is on most of these handbags, but it is something with the fabric that makes me scream with anger inside when I see them. It is almost so if I have to seek therapy to get over my aggression.
2.      Jeans. I really hate jeans. They are tight, uncomfortable and I feel restrained when I wear them. Over the years I have been desperately trying to get into liking them, but it can’t seem to happen. I do have to admit. I do like the Super Soft Jeans from New Look, they are so soft and comfy like a pair of jeggings so I do like them. Please bring in more of these very comfortable jeans New Look, they are perfect for us fattys.
3.      Thights. Aren’t tights a real pain??? I think so. Or at least I used to think so before I found the ones I use now. They never had enough room for my big tummy and they always rolled down so I had to keep pulling them up all the time. It annoyed the **** out of me until I found the perfect tights. I found this little company from Cornwall called Big Bloomers Company and they have tights that cater for bigger women. Up till size 42! So I wrote to them and the lady there kindly sent me two pairs to review here on my blog. As soon as I tried them on I realized that these tights were different. They were so elastic and I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I have since made a new order on more tights as they have them in colours as well, so I’m a very happy customer. But overall I’m not a big fan of tights!

There were a couple of items that almost made it to the hate list. These are leather jackets and high heels… I never seem to get on with leather jackets. They look great and I have several, but I rarely wear them, so I might sell them at the Christmas Market in London in December.  High heels is another thing that I can’t wear. I love heels and they look awesome, but due to health problems I can only wear flat shoes. I wear heels sometimes in the office, but never heels over 3”.

What are your love/hate things in fashion?

XXX Mookie


  1. Leather jackets are so great. I love love love my biker jacket so much. And I wear jeans since … ever, I think. But the bags are scary, really. :D

    I should think about my hates and loves. Thanks for this inspiration. :)

    ♡ Mel xoxo

    1. Your welcome dear. I just tried to write something different than just outfit posts. xx

  2. I love leggings, dresses, long tops, and cardigans of all lengths.

    I hate asymmetric hems with a passion, and anything frumpy. x x

    1. Frumpy!! Yes, me too!! I'm not too keen on asymmetric things either, although my wedding dress was asymmetric. ;) xx