Plus London and new friends.

Skirt from Dorothy Perkins, Top got in Clothes Swap, Belt bought on travels, Boots from Evans last season, cadigan bought in Ebay

Yesterday I went to London for Plus London. I won't lie, I was terrified! I'm quite new to the whole plus size blogger community and wasn't sure what to expect. I was scared it would be clicky and that everyone knew each other from before and therefore difficult to get to know anyone. But I was very pleasantly surprised. Everyone was really friendly and I made several new friends. The day itself started early and lets keep it short by saying that the tube sucks. So many disruptions that I'm glad I left early...Met up with a bunch of people at Liverpool Street Station and they made us get to the venue safely.

 My lovely caring husband came with me to London since I was scared about going on my own and he is a gem. He took me up there and made sure I had met the other girls before he went to a record fair. He is the kindest husband anyone can ask for and I am so happy to have him in my life. I hope i repay him some of the love he is giving me cause he is a true treasure.

We arrived and there was lots of people already there. First thing I saw was some lovely boots from Simply Be that I now have ordered. They looked perfect and very similar to a pair I have looked at from ASOS, but these doesn't have a heal and that suits me perfectly as I can't wear heals due to my dizzyness condition.

I went over to Betty Pampers stand to talk to her cause she had brought one of her great t-shirts to me. She was such a sweet lady and so friendly. She was waiting for someone for their pampering slot, but they had not turned up yet so she offered me to do my hair and make up since I was going to have my photo shoot at 12. :) I was over the moon to be able to have a fab hairdo for my shoot and freshened up make up too. She said she wanted to do a beehive style on me and said, go for it. :)
 The result was amazing. I had never thought my hair would be long enough to make a do like that. I thought my hair had never looked that great before. I got so many compliments for my hair and I felt like a princess. Thanks to Betty for making me so beautiful and thanks to Curvissa for hiring Betty to make us more beautiful.

The stands were really good and I spoke to some amazing and really inspiring people from Simply Be, Carmakoma, Lovely Alyssa from Twisted Siren,Lovely Charlotte from Black Heart Creative, Apple and Pears, Curvy Kate and Curvissa. I bought a lovely ring from Alyssa at Twisted Siren and I will get her to make me a customized necklace cause her stuff if amazing. So is Charlotte at Black Heart Creatives stuff. I loved the cat's head necklace, but couldn't afford buying it now. I am thinking of getting something customized from her too.

Seven of us went out for lunch and Cassie from Plump Parsnip took us to a Vietnamese restaurant and it was a good choice. I had the best spring rolls I have ever had, and I have had them a lot of places. If you like that kind of food and you are in the Hoxton area it is well worth a visit as the food was so scrummy!! The restaurant is called Song Que

I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful crowd anywhere. All the girls were so glamourous and nicely dressed. Everyone in their nicest outfits and so much fun seeing all the different styles.

Myself I was wearing a rather dark outfit for me. As I love colours it is not that often I wear mainly black, but I had just bought this lovely skirt from Dorothy Perkins that I wanted to shine on its own so I toned the rest of the outfit down. This skirt is amazing and looks so on trend thanks to the black fake leather edge. It makes it stand out and adds more individuality to it. The skirt is good quality fabric and a total bargain at £15 so hurry to Dorothy Perkins while you still can get one.

Another great feature at Plus London was that Simply Be had hired in an amazing illustrator Clym Evernden he made this amazing drawing of me in a few minutes. I was really impressed and needless to say I loved my portrait!!! 

After the event I had to go home as me and my husband were going away for the weekend so I sadly missed out on the rest of Plus London, but going away with my love is something so special so it would always be the priority. But a great big thank you to all the organisers of Plus London and I'm already looking forward to the next event!!

Thank you so much for sending me the photos from the even yesterday Hsqauredblue as my phone died and I couldn't take any photos.  You're a sweetheart. :)


  1. I'm so glad you had a marvellous time! It looks like an amazing day. Your hair and make up are great. x x

    1. It was really fun and I wish there were more events. :) It really made me eager to try and organize something for us in south as well. Are you up for something? Some shopping day like they have up North with a dinner/lunch together, I'm thinking of inviting some people around to a house we can borrow and there are room for at least 6 people to stay the night as well if anyone think it is a bit of a travel for the evening... Just have lots of thoughts.. What do you think Leah? :) xx

  2. That sounds like a good idea. I'm not sure if you can hire a house for a day but if not a nice hotel with a tv/function room we can borrow would be lovely as well. x x