30x30 Challenge

Wow, what a weekend it was. I was so busy and travelled across big parts of South East England to see one of my favourite bands The Young Knives. This is a plus size blog so I will move on to writing about fashion instead of rambling on about music.

I was reading on Twitter that lovely Steph from Seeing Spots wanted to do 30x30 challenge so I asked her what it was and she explained the challenge to me. It is as simple as chose 30 items and make 30 outfits. This is not including outer wear, shoes and accessories. She had seen this idea originally on DYI Fatshions blog that you can read HERE. I had never heard of it before, but by Steph explaining it to me I thought it would be a good way of making me mix things I have in my wardrobe. Cause who of us hasn't said that we don't have anything to wear even with the wardrobes overflowing. So I look at this as a way of making myself thinking differently and outside the box.

The 30 things I have chosen are:
1 Peplum Top from Dorothy Perkins 2 Knitted Jumper from H&M

3 |Studded Cardigan from Primark 4 Cardigan from Ebay

5 Leggings from Forever21 6 Leggings from New Look 7 Leggings from Asos Curve

8 Skinny Jeans from New Look 9 Jumper from New Look

10 |Faux Leather skirt from Axe Paris 11 Polka dot Blouse from Simply Be

12 T-shirt from streetmarket in Spain 13 Dress from FF at Tesco

14 Cardigan from M&S 15 Cardigan from Bon Prix

16 Knitted cardigan from Lindex 17 Cami from H&M

18 Dress from FF at Tesco 19 Skater Dress from Sorrento

20 Overbust Leather Corset from Ebay 21 Cami from Asos Curve
22 Dress from Primark 23 Jumper from Dorothy Perkins

24 Top with PU from New Look 25 Cami from Primark

26 Skirt from |Dorothy Perkins 27 Skirt from New Look
28 Skirt from Primark 29 Cardi/Hoodie from FF at Tesco

I have another item to chose which will be a simple black cardi, just have to find it first as I couldn't find it right now.

Will be so fun to see what I can do with these items. I will post a post in the weekend to see what I have worn over the week, but also some solo posts in between.  And who knows, I might do the same as Steph and make a spreadsheet to see how many times I wore each item.

Go and take a look what the other girls have chosen and please pop by later to see what we all manage to make of the 30 items we have chosen.


Do you think you are good at using things that you already has got in the wardrobe in stead of always buying new stuff?



  1. I look forward to seeing your outfits! x x

    1. Thanks Leah.I will have to think outside the box too on some new great outfits.xx

  2. I love dresses 18 and 19 and t-shirt 12 is wicked for Movember ;) xo
    can't wait for your future posts!!xo

    1. Thanks. They are nice aren't they. I look so much forward to this. I will post styles weekly to give an update of different styles I've worn throughout the week. xx

  3. Wish I had seen this sooner. What a fab idea! I would def get on board should you ever decide to do it again. I certainly need to wear more items that I have in my wardobe and this would def give me the incentive. You looked fab in all that you chose xx

    1. It is a great idea and I look forward to posting a post about all the outfits over the month. It is such a good plan to see what you have already. Makes me more aware of using what I have got. I will let you know if another one of these comes around soon. xx