Your Beauty Discovery Box.

I'm not only into fashion. I'm into beauty too and love make-up, skin care and other beauty items.
I have seen different kind of boxes you can subscribe to and after thinking which one to go for my choice was Your Beauty Discovery Box. It is the same concept as other boxes, you register to become a member and each month you go in and chose your items(2 items pr box) from a selection and it get sent to you in a very cute box.

Based on the price of £6.95 a month I think it is a good selection things you get in every box. 
I just got my second box and I have been very happy with both of them so I thought I would show you what I got in the boxes.



I haven't tried any of the products apart from the hand cream yet, which I love. It is a really nice consistency and it doesn't feel sticky. I find some hand creams very heavy and I hate having sticky hands so in the past I have rather had dry hands than sticky so this hand cream have become a favourite of mine. I have seen Crabtree and Evelyn products around before, but never tried them. After my experience with this one I will give more products a try too.

I will write more later about the rest of them when I have tried them. Looking forward to trying the lipstick!!! It is from Face Stockholm. Nude is a new experience for me so it will be fun trying it, maybe to a red dress??

Do you get any of these boxes in the post? What do you think?

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