Mookie does Movember

Just like last year I'm doing Movember together with one of my colleagues at work. He has got a team and I'm a member of it. We did the same thing last year and managed to raise quite a lot of money between us. It was a fun month at work too as I was wearing different kind of mustaches throughout the month, but one became my favourite and also was the reason that I was crowned Movember Tash Champion for the company I work for (and my company has more than a thousand employees). Here are some photos from last year. 

 And these photos are from this years Movember :)

This year we are doing the same and I have the same tash as last year, but I am currently waiting for my new even more impressive mustache so watch this space for more Movember photos. :)

This is a plus size blog so I can even mention that when I was on holiday in Spain I found a perfect t-shirt for this month in size XXL. I actually love this t-shirt. Teamed it with a very apt necklace for the occasion as well.

If you would like to donate a little sum of your hard earned money to a very important cause as Prostate Cancer is, then please follow this link MY MOSPACE to my donation page within my team. I would be very happy if you did and for every donation I get I will send out an autographed photo of MovemberMookie;)

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