30x30 Second week update.

The second week of 30x30 is over and it has been a up and down week for me. Have felt very week with my dizzyness and headaches, but it has been a good week as well as I have had a lovely weekend, but exhausting weekend.

Over the week I have been able to wear my 30x30 clothes for every day apart from Monday when we had significant people in the office so we had to dress more office appropriate so I couldn't wear any of my picks.

I really enjoy this challenge and it makes me think different and we are not halfway yet, so it will be fun to see what we end up with at the end of the month.

Here is what I have worn over the week.


Was wearing items 2,5 and 23

Wearing items 1 and 8

Wearing item 19 and 30


Wearing item 7, 12 &27


Wearing item 8,16 and 25


I took a few photos, but now they have disappeared! But I post some photos that I took while visiting a museum that shows some of what I was wearing. I was also wearing my Dorothy Perkins skirt number 26.

Wearing items 16, 23 and 26

I still have lots of items to wear that I haven't worn yet, but that will be my challenge this week.

How are the othe girls getting on with their challenges?



  1. I love Thursday and Saturday's outfits. The photos from the museum are amazing!! x x

  2. Hehe, glad you liked the museum photos. It was so much fun and it is always fun not taking yourself too serious when photos are taken. :)