Do You Need Some Naughty Help For Valentines Day? And a discount code.

It's almost that time of year again. Valentines day! A day to celebrate love, and a day to stop and think that love isn't something to take for granted. You should never take your loved one for granted, but this day has become a day for many to invite that special person out for a meal or/and to buy each other a present.

If you are sitting right now thinking what to get for your loved one than I might be able to give you some ideas.

Have you ever heard of a company called Toxic Fox? They offer a huge range of gifts from personalised gifts like wine glasses and erotic novels, the traditional romantic bracelets and chocolate, but I have decided to take a closer look at the naughty gifts.

What better Valentines day can you ask for than a home cooked meal in your own home with all the comfort instead of cramming up together with 50 other "romantic couples" in a restaurant? An atmosphere so loud that you can barely hear each other speak doesn't sounds very romantic to me. Another perk of staying home is that is a short way from the dining table to the bedroom. And that is where the naughty gifts from Toxic Fox come into this.

When I was asked by Toxic Fox if I wanted to review a couple of pieces from the "naughty gifts" I was hoping that they would send me this game as I had seen it on their website and I thought it looked good fun.

And they did!!! 

The game is called 50 Days Of Play* and consists of 50 small envelopes, ten of each colour ranging from the mildest challenge of white to the dirtiest black. Or as it says on the box from the virginal white, through vanilla, light and dark grey to the seductive black.

The rules of the game are very easy as you roll your dice and the colour on the dice decides which envelope to open.

This game would be perfect to play after dinner on Valentines day or any other day you want to make a bit more exciting as a couple.

This is a little selection of what kind of adventures you can play. Pretty apt for a sexy Valentines day in?

This game is good value for money as it retails at £9.99 at Toxic Fox. It's a fun game that can kick a bit of spark into a relationship. The adventures are fun and creates a good laugh. Some of the challenges are a bit silly, but all in all it is great fun.

The only thing that is a little bit annoying is that the envelopes can be a bit fiddly to close, but not a major problem so I would recommend this game to any couple who want to spice up their love life.

I was also sent a couple of other fun and naughty gifts which made me laugh when I opened my blogger mail.

Stress balls*!!! I guess most of us have wanted to break something if we have become too stressed or angry so these might come in useful sometime. Especially at work when I'm tearing my hair out trying to get a cheaper quote. My husband hated it when I took this one out and started squeezing it. Maybe not so strange as even I as a girl can feel the pain in the balls I don't have :)

 I was also sent something that really is different. Have you ever heard of Edible Anuses*? Well here they are!!! In all their Belgian Chocolate glory!! They comes in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate

I've never seen a butthole this inviting!!! :)

This chocolates would be fun as a gift to someone, but maybe not give them to someone faint hearted. They are expensive at £4.99, but will become a talking point and give everyone around a good laugh.

I had a fun playing and trying these funny and naughty gifts, so if you are still in need for something for your loved one, go take a look at Toxic Fox as they have a great selection of naughty and non-naughty gifts. If you use the code TFLOVE it will give you a 10% off your purchases, so go take a look .


*items are gifted, but all views are mine.


  1. This looks brilliant ... I love the stress balls, and could really do with some of those in my life!

    C xx

  2. THOSE BUTTHOLES!!! hahahahaha These all look like loads of fun!