Are You Ever Caught Short?

Have you ever been on the go and you have had to change your underwear but have not had any? Horrible feeling isn’t it? Well don’t despair anymore. Read on and you will see why.

I was sent a surprise packet not long ago and it contained a pair of panties from a company called Caught Short.*

As you can see from the photo it says it is panties to go. It really is as they come in a handy plastic wallet that you can easily pop in your handbag to have if you coincidentally have to stay over somewhere or if you have your lady troubles and are in need of a spare pair of knickers. They come in a neat little packing so small that you can easily fit it into a little party bag when going out.

Caught Short has just launched their panties to go in the UK and they will be available in black, white and nude. A colour for any need. They will be able to find in convenience stores, gyms, hotels, spas, supermarkets, pharmacies and more so they will be easy to get hold of. 

The panties itself is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane which means that they are soft and stretchy. I love this. They are very comfortable to wear and the elastic makes them stay up without being too tight and leaving no horrible marks on your skin. The cotton feels very lovely on the skin.

I have to admit that these panties are too "little" for me. They fit fine in size XL which is a 20-22, but I prefer more coverage. I like high waist panties that I can drag well up on my tummy. I prefer this since I have got a big tummy. Everyone has different needs, so therefore I hope that these will come in different styles and also bigger sizes, as the idea is great. The price is another dislike of mine as they cost £7.50. I think this is a bit expensive as you can easily get great panties for a fiver. But this aside, the concept is great. 

Have you heard of Caught Short? Do you think you will  be trying the panties? 


*this item was gifted, but all views are my own. 

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