My New Favourite Cheap Lipstick Brand

I think everyone that knows me would say I have got a lipstick obsession. I have far too many lipsticks and it is always the lipsticks I check out first when I go to a make up store.
In my handbag I always carry around two make up bags. One tiny one with just a mascara, eyeliner and concealer. The other is bigger and contains just lipsticks. I don't exaggerate when I say that at any time I've got 10 lipsticks with me. You can't have too many cause lipstick is the perfect item to glam you up no matter the occasion.

The last couple of years I've sworn by two brands, MAC and Rimmel's Kate Moss range. I have tried a lot of other lipsticks, but I've always gone back to these brands.
Until now.
I went to the local Superdrug cause I had heard so much about Make Up Revolution and I had yet to try it. I liked most of them and most of all I loved the price. Since they are so cheap at £1 I decided to try four of their lovely colours.

Very sorry for my VERY tired face in these photos. I'm exhausted tonight after a rough day yesterday!!


First one I tried was of course a red one since I can't live without red lipstick. The one I chose is called Dare and it is a matte colour and I thought that this colour would be a classic red, but instead it is a much more pinky red colour. It’s an amazing colour and I don’t have any other lipstick in a similar colour so I fell in love with this straight away.
The consistency is good. It's not as great as my go to lipstick MAC's Ruby Woo, but for £1 this is a brilliant lipstick. It lasted the longest of the four, about 4 and a half hours and then I had lunch. It still was on, but I needed to reapply. 


The second one I tried is Crime and it is one of Make Up Revolution’s Scandalous Shades. It’s a very lovely bright pink colour. I normally like pink lipsticks, but this colour I'm not too keen on. It's a beautiful pink, but it's just not my best shade. The lipstick is creamy and nice to put on and doesn't bleed. I didn't wear this for long enough to say anything about the lastingness of it.

 The third is another one of the Scandalous Shades, Depraved. I won't keep it a secret that I love this lipstick. It's stunning! It has a beautiful cool purple colour that I haven't got a similar one to in my tons of lipsticks. It's so creamy and smooth, like the Crime, and I love this. It's easy to apply and it doesn't bleed. This lipstick lasts for a long time. I wore it for about 4 hours before I needed to reapply. Even when it faded it left colour on my lips, so the pigmentation is superb. 

The last one I bought is called Divine. It's a peach/coral toned lipstick in a matte finish. I really don't like this lipstick at all. I couldn't stand the formula, it feels rather uncomfortable to wear. It is difficult to apply and leaves my lips look rather cakey. Not a very attractive look. 

Overall I'm very pleased with these lipsticks. I love the texture and they are long lasting. I mean for the price they are a steal. You can't go wrong with trying out some new colours if you want to try something you haven't tried before.

The thing I dislike the most with these lipsticks is the packaging. I know that these are really cheap and that the packing would probably be flimsy. BUT I don't think it is too much to ask for to have a lid that stays on the lipstick. Cause all four of the lids fall off. And when they are in the handbag that is not a good thing. I'm actually considering to keep them in a little make up bag on their own to not create a mess with my more pricey lipsticks. Another flaw with the design is that the screw mechanism inside the container is scraping into the lipsticks as you can see in these photos. Not great at all as it creates a mess and it might make the stick break easier. 

I would be very happy to pay a little bit extra for a better design packaging cause these lipsticks are really good for the price. You get a lot more than you pay for in this case. 

Will update this post in Norwegian tomorrow, I'm just so exhausted, but wanted to get it out before I go to bed. 



  1. Their lipsticks are great but the packaging is awful. I had one break the first time I used it the other day. So not good. I'd rather pay £2 and have decent packaging. xx

  2. Really interesting article ... I'm normally really very wary of cheap lipsticks and tend to stick with Mac and Bobby Brown but I'm really liking the Dare!

    C x