Bargain Boots!

 About a week ago one of my fellow bloggers wrote on Facebook that it was a £15 discount code if you spent £15 at New Look. Something that meant free stuff, or almost free stuff if you bought for more than £15.

I jumped on the offer straight away as I really wanted the grey textured Chelsea boots that I also have in black. You can read about them HERE. They are so comfy and have been my go to boots all winter. And for the unbeatable price of £6.99 you can't go wrong at all. Not even if it is close to payday in January!!!

When I received them I was not disappointed, as they looked even better in real life than on the website. Just look here how I styled my outfit around the boots.

Aren't they beautiful? I love the matte texture of them and the snake pattern. It makes them stand out, but again they are so great with so many different colours. I can't wait to rock these boots with a red outfit.

I wore my grey cardigan from Simply Be and the lovely leather skirt also from Simply Be from last year. I love this skirt. I am not wearing it enough. Note to myself: Wear this skirt more. I'm also wearing my lovely body from The Curve Fashion* that they kindly sent me last year. I love this body and I use it with everything. I used my adorable statement cow from Black Heart Creatives that Charlotte made for me. Isn't she cute? She certainly get me attention when I wear her. I'm rocking Mac's Pure Heroine (which I love the texture and colour of!!! ) on my lips and I have to admit I'm in love with this look. It's a perfect mix of textures and colours.

What do you think of this mix of textures?


  1. You look lovely, as always! :) I adore the boots. My mom gave me some great black booties for Christmas, but I really want some brown ones too.

    1. Thank you Lynsey :) Maybe she'll buy you some brown ones for your birthday! x

  2. £6.99???????????

    Wowzers, those are some hot & cheap boots!

    C xx

    1. Yes I only paid £6.99 after discounts! Lucky me! ;) xx