Hastings and two hot plus size bloggers being swept off their feet.

Mike and I went down to Hastings today to meet up with Leah and her husband James. It's an almost two hours drive from Guildford to Hastings, but if you read my blog you probably know that Mike and I love going for long drives. We make playlists on Spotify before we go so we have music to sing along to. We both sing loud, mostly me, and are enjoying our drives so much.

Leah and James' flat has an amazing sea view and today the waves were bigger and sea was rougher than I've seen it in a long time. This means that it was a very blustery day and since Leah and I had planned to have a shoot together it meant a lot of funny windswept photos.

The photos are taken in this beautiful park called St. Leonards Garden and as we were posing for the photos we were almost blown over by the extreme gusts of wind much to the amusement of two ladies that walked past.

Thanks to Leah for sharing these funny windswept photos with me.

Here are my own photos.

Mike, Leah and James under the entrance to the beautiful garden.
After we had taken the photos we went in to Hastings to get some lunch. We walked along the sea front when the heavens opened. James kindly offered Mike and me an umbrella. No sooner had we put it up then a 80mph gust of wind turned the umbrella inside out and ripped off all the material of the frame which shot off like a bullet and would have ended up in Dover if it hadn't been for the post that stopped it. The look on Mike's face when it happened was priceless and we almost pissed ourselves laughing. Just a shame we don't have it on film!!! However, the frame was in perfect condition, but offered little protection against the weather!

The pub we went to is called Ye Olde Pump House and is the same pub we visited last time we went to Hastings. The food is delicious and I had a late vegetarian brunch which was really nice.

I always have so much fun with Leah. :) She is so bubbly and so easy to talk to. James is lovely too. They make such a cute couple.

Have to thank Leah for welcoming us into her home and also for all the lovely clothes she gave me. I will bring some of them on holiday and it will be outfit posts to come.

Will make an outfit post about my outfit in my next post. 


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