Have You Ever Had Waxing Trouble?

As you grow older and also as overweight you tend to get more hair growth in your face. I' very lucky as I don’t get much, but I do have a few darker and coarser hairs that I like to get rid of.

I normally pluck them with a pair of tweezer, but this time I thought I would use these Face  Wax Strips with Easy Grip from Veet that I picked up a while back as I wanted to try it. 

I had never used them before and since I had some annoying hair under my chin I thought I would give them a go.

The process itself was very good and easy as you just warm the packet with the strip between your hands for a bit. You then apply it on the desired place you have unwanted hair growth. You have to make sure you point the easy grip part of the strip in the direction of the hair is growing and then you rub the wax strip to make sure that it sticks to the hairs properly. I did all this exactly as it said on the packet. I held my skin taut and pulled the strip back on itself as far as possible and pulled it off swiftly just like I do when I wax my legs. I'm always very cautious with this as my skin is very sensitive. 

Immediately I felt a pain and I checked in the mirror and I noticed to my horror that I had a very bad red rash and tiny little drops of blood. I have had my eyebrows waxed before and my legs and both have caused redness and soreness, but not like this. It was like the skin was torn off. I used the special vipe that comes with the kit to clean off the wax. This just made my sore sting incredibly.

The rest of the evening it stung quite a lot, but I went to bed and fell asleep.

I woke up this morning and it looked like this.

During the day it has got worse and worse and it really stings. It actually hurts. It feels like a burn and it has definitely formed a scab. 

Not very pretty to look at:(

I have been waxing myself since I was a teenager, but I have never ever got a burn like this from my products. I don't know why my skin ended up like this, but I know for sure that I did everything the correct way when I used the ONE strip I did use. What I find so surprising about using this product is that my skin reacted so badly to it despite it being labelled for sensitive skin. My skin is very sensitive and I have used Veet products before, so I felt confident in trying this. Sadly I had a bad reaction to it and won't be using it again. I think I will be continuing to pluck the hair under my chin as they are not that many. 

Have you ever had bad experiences with waxing products? 


  1. Ouch, that looks so sore! I've had trouble with hair removing cream before, but not wax. I hope it heals well and doesn't leave a scar. xx

    1. Luckily it has healed ok and no permanent damage. But it was very sore for a few days :( xx