This Weekend Was Amazing!

First of all, are any of your using the blogger app when you are blogging? I'm not using my blogging app very often, but today I am. It's a good app if you aren't anywhere near a computer and it's fun to write while on the go.

Some weekends are more lovely than normal and this weekend has been really great!! And it makes me realise how much I have in my life to be thankful for. Especially when I'm struggling with my nerves I should take a step back and look at things from a perspective.

This weekend has had all elements of a great weekend. I met great friends. I made some new friends, I spent lovely time with family, ate great home made food, taking in beautiful scenery, been for a long walk with the most beautiful dog in the world and spent a whole day just loving and feeling loved by my dear husband. 

I can't help, but feeling blessed. I'm really lucky in life. I have a beautiful and clever daughter that I have a very good relationship to. She is my pride. She will be 18 next year so almost a grown up. I have a loving husband who treats me like a princess. I've never felt like this for anyone else and we have had 5 and a half years of a very happy life. My daughter and Mike get on so well and they are best friends. So later this month I'm going to Norway to see her. I don't see her that much, since she lives in Norway, so it's something we look very much forward to. 

I have a great family,  I feel blessed to have so many lovely people in my life. I have my husbands family who are all such great people. I love them to bits and they have all made me feel so welcome into the family. I have ex husbands family who is like a family to me that I love and have maintained a close relationship to. And I have rediscovered my own family. I don't have a big family left since my dear parents sadly passed away too young, and I don't have any siblings, but what is left of my family are such great people. 

My friends are another blessing. I love them with all my heart and my only regret is that my best friends are all living so far away. I do have quite a lot of friends, but the very best ones, that I have a past with, they live in other countries so it's not just to go over for a cup of tea or ask if they want to come hang out with me. Thankfully there is Skype!! Skype is a heaven sent to us. It's great!!! I use this often in communicating with my daughter as well so technology is something else I feel blessed over having in my life. 

I'm lucky to be born in this part of the world where I don't lack anything. I don't really have to struggle. Ok, work can be a pain sometimes, but at least I have a job that gives me a monthly pay. It helps me pay my bills and gives me food. I can go on travels which is something else I feel blessed for being able to do. 

All in all I don't think I have that much to complain about. I do feel lucky and I often think that we take all these small things for granted. Why not stop for a moment and count your blessings? It might be an eye opener for you as well. 
The beautiful Gemma. <3

Halloween party on Friday. ;) 


She loves her "uncle"

I love English countryside 

Xxx Mookie 


  1. Looks like great fun!

    Can I ask how come your 17 yo daughter lives back in Norway? Did she elect to stay with her dad?

    Hope you dont mind me asking. -^_^-

    Sue x

    1. It was great fun Sue. No, my daughter is quite independent so she lives on her own/kind of under supervision. I moved away from home when I was 15 so I guess it is something she has got from me. :) And she didn't really have a choice of where to live as she was in the middle of her education. And all her friends were in Norway. But we see each other at least 2-3 times a year so it works. xx

  2. Cute dog! What happened to the Queen of Hearts costume?