The Big Everyday Problem For Me

If you like me love wearing dresses and skirts you probably have got some of the same issues as me. We live in northern Europe and even if it has been a very warm autumn it is inevitable to use tights. And tights are an issue of mine. Even if I found some lovely tights from Big Bloomers Company that I reviewed here, I constantly keep trying new brands to see if there is others that are just as good. But so far I haven't had any good experiences with any other brand, so I always tend to go back to Big Bloomers Company.

This time lovely Laura at Big Bloomers Company wanted me to try Calabria*. 

It comes in different sizes up to size 26 so she wasn't sure how good I would find them compared to Paris that I absolutely loved. The Paris is more firm fitting on me and very stretchy as I can pull them right above my boobs. I find them a great fit despite being designed for bigger sizes than me. I normally wear a size 22 on my bottom, so these Calabria was a better fit length wise. However I thought that these are not as firm as the others so I did find it that they slid down on occasions throughout the day. Not all the time, but especially when I had been sitting down and got up. I get this from most tights so no big surprise. 

I can't drag them up as far as I could with the Paris. I really prefer being able to pull my tights right up under my boobs. If this isn't an issue for you then the Calabria is a great choice. They are great quality(50 denier) and I have worn them a few times now without laddering or splitting in the crotch which many tights do. They are less than half price of the Paris so seen from a price point these are great.

As you can see they are nice and stretchy if you have bigger hips than I do. I'm around 48" around my hips as comparison.

Great strech in the legs too without fearing that they will ladder.

These tights are as the other ones I've tried from Big Bloomers Company, very good. In my opinion not as good as the perfect tights for me, Paris, but great quality, stretch and price certainly makes it a great everyday tights for most.


*gifted item, but all views are mine. 


  1. Finding good tights is such a hard thing to do. Besides finding big girl tight, I always have issues because I refuse to pay more than $15 for a pair, just to exacerbate the issue. lol. I've had success with the LYS brand though and those are only about $9. I have one pair that's lasted about 3 years and still going too.

  2. I like Pretty Polly tights.