Does The Autumn Make You Blue?

The calendar shows November and for many people this means sadness and depression due to the darker times with shorter days and not much sign of the lovely light summer nights.

I love this time of year and I find it quite interesting how "everyone" dress in more muted and dull colours. When I watch football matches or observe people on the street, the majority goes for dark hues. Wouldn't you think that it was more logic that we looked for brighter colours to lighten up a darker day? I do! I don't think I've mentioned it before how much I like colours, have I? :) Of course I have!!! I love them!

When I saw the Look Grid Design Mesh Dress on Simply Be's website I knew I had to have it as it was so beautiful and the blue colour was so stunning. The grid pattern was also speaking to me.

When I first got it and wore it I loved it. I felt like a princess in this dress as it has such a lovely movement to the skirt. It has got a mesh petticoat under for fullness so you really get the feeling of a vintage dress. I also felt really good about the long sleeves.

Here is a little video I did when I first wore it.

But after I'd worn it another time I wasn't so sure about the dress anymore.

I want to love this dress, but I don't. It's a stunning dress and the colour is AMAZING. But it doesn't sit right on me. It's my boobies again:( Why can't designers make dresses in different sizes in the bodice as I'm not the only one with problems like this? You have the great Bespoke range from Marisota, but it is just every now and then that I see items I want from the collection. I have two dresses for boobs G-K cup in this range and they are perfect.You also have Pepperberry, but since their range stops at size 18 it isn't an option for me.

 More designers and brands should cater for different shapes and bodies as we are not all the same shape even if we are plus size. I'm definitely top heavy and need something that is longer in the bodice. This dress as so many before is too short. You can tell because of the way the dress is cut. Where the dress should go UNDER your boob and so flare out over your tummy and hips, on me it's not long enough for it to go under. Instead it ends up on my boobs which again leads to this dress making me look like a balloon. I might be a bit hard on myself, but the dress doesn't hang right on me. It makes me look shapeless and that is the last you want to look, right? 

I so much wanted to love this dress so I tried it on with a belt a few days later, sorry I forgot to photograph it, but it looked so silly as the cut of the bodice still looks like a line that goes over my boobs since there is not much stretch to the fabric. This dress is a size 26, so not even sizing up helped me.

I do like it, but just not on me.


Love the colour and the pattern. 

The blue is so right on me I think. 

Dress from Simply Be (HERE)
Tights from Big Bloomers Company (HERE)*
Cardigan from Primark (Old)
Shoes from Marisota (Old)
Glasses from Specspost (HERE)*

I'm so gutted, but I will have to sell this dress so it can go to someone who can wear it and appreciate it more than I do. It would just be hanging in the wardrobe if I kept it and for such a stunning dress it would be a shame. So if some of you want to buy it, please let me know. It retails for £65, but I've worn it twice, so give me an offer and see if we can come to some arrangement. It's in perfect condition.

*gifted items, but all views are my own. 


  1. That is a super pretty dress, it's too bad that the top of it doesn't fit right. :(

  2. Those glasses suit you so well!

    It's a shame about the dress as that is definitely YOUR colour. I've had a dress like that before which didn't sit right over the boobs and it really affects the whole look. xx

  3. Beautiful colour on you what a shame!

  4. I like your lipstick und your laugh. The dress is amazing.

  5. I love bright colors too! Great post!