My Week In Photos #2

Cat sitting for my sister in law who is on holiday. I'm allergic to cats, but I love them so much. I cope by taking antihistamines every day.  

Me and my beautiful lovely colleague,Laura. Aren't we hot? :) 

My sister in law are on holiday in South America. She sent me this photo and said she thought of Mike and me when she saw these <3

My lovely colleague Laura had left a lovely little present on my desk. Some lovely jam for my toast. :) 

Me on the train to London for the Simply Be SS15 event. 

Lovely and beautiful blogger babes.

From inside the elevator at the swanky Sanderson Hotel.

Amazing blogger babes, Michaela and Lisa.

The beautiful Emma

Mayah and I

More amazing blogger babes, Becky, Michaela, Mayah and myself. 

The beautiful Danie and Nancy.

And all of us

Some of us went out for a meal. And I was told I was too white lol :) Reversed racism???? :) 

The creepiest couple ever!!!! Laura and Tommy!!!

Awww love <3


Well... Friday night cleavages. 

Laura and Astra <3

Me, very sad with Minnie on a sad sad Saturday

I had a very up and down week. I have had great pleasure in looking after my sister in laws cats and going to London to a fun evening at the Spring Summer 15 event for Simply Be. But also great downs on Saturday when I got some not so good news. This week has started better than the last ended, so hopefully next weeks photos will be all happiness. I'm going to meet Kelly Brook and going to Norway to see my daughter so it can't be bad :)

Have a great evening you lovely lot who spend of your time to read my little blog. :) I love everyone of you!


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  1. The cat on your shoulder reminded me of a pirate with his parrot - very cute! Your train lipstick is a gorgeous shade and suits you so well, what is it?