Last Week In Photos

As it is Monday and I did hardly sleep at all last night (part of the reason is that I was awake chatting to my filthy bitch in Hastings, Leah :D), that means that I thought of starting up something new on my blog. And to make it easy for myself today I will post last weeks photos every Monday. It will go from Sunday to Saturday so that way you can take a bigger part in my life and what I'm doing. It might be nice to see more about what I'm doing when I'm not playing dress up for my blog.

So here we go. 

Taken by Mike Barber

My little friend, Tommy, want to be in on a shoot for the blog.

I had a great week with everything from spending a lovely Sunday to having a good work out playing bowling. And it wasn't the bowling that wore me out. It was all the laughs. What a fantastic fun time. Isn't it just great when you get together with someone that you can just be yourself with and don't worry about a thing? 

We also went for a little walk in the mist during the weekend and the views were stunning. Mike snapped some lovely photos and even one of an elephant;) 

I hope you liked the little view into my everyday life. More photos to come next Monday. 

Xxx Mookie.


  1. Laughing is the best form of exercise! And the most fun. :)

  2. Hahaha, make that THE filthy bitch. ;) Lovely photos. xx