Not Just Another Excuse To Get My Boobs Out

Hello everyone.

I've been trying to find a perfect brand of bras all my life and I think I'm pretty close to do so.

When I was contacted by Bras & Honey I thought that I wanted to try another Elomi bras as I was so happy with the two other Elomi bras I had already tried.

I couldn't find anyone in my size, but since this is not anything new, I chose a sister size to the 40K I would normally go for. I'm a 40N cup, but can't find bras in that size so since Elomi bras had been generous in size I decided to got for a 42JJ cup Elomi Imogen*. And that was a good choice.

It's really pretty

Love the florals and the see through parts of this bra.

Elomi has managed to make a great bra again. 

I love this bra on me. It's not perfect in the cups as they are too small, BUT that is fine. Cause sometimes I like having a bra that gives me a good cleavage. And this bra gives me a good cleavage.
It's a very well crafted bra with lovely details to make it a very pretty bra too. It has got full cups which gives my boobs a good lift and support. My boobs feel secure in this bra.

The 42 around my back feels spot on as it stays put and doesn't slide up or down.
Sorry my bra marks from wearing a different bra.
It's not too tight, but not sliding either so it gives me a good silhouette.

I really like how this set looks on me and it feels lovely too. As you can see my boobs spill slightly over the top of the cup, but that is again something I find with all my bras, so this is really not bad for me. 

Again, a little bit of overhang, but the bra gives me a good lift and support so it's something I can live with. 

I really like the Black Brief* as they are made of a lovely stretchy sheer fabric at the back and at the front it has the same lovely embroidered fabric as the bra. There are sheer panels at the front as well so it makes this set very sexy and indulgent. They are a great fit and is a deep fit so I can pull them right up to my waist which I prefer when it comes to knickers. 

Bras and Honey has got a lovely selection of bras in big sizes and lovely brands like Fantasie, Freya, Panache and Curvy Kate. In addition they've got a great selection of swimwear in big sizes. If you are looking for something a little bit special for a sexy night I can highly recommend Bras and Honey. 

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  1. HA! I love the post title! I'm always looking for pretty new lingerie, I'll check these guys out! xx