Is it possible to be fat and happy?

Bubbles really makes me happy!!
Is it just me or does anyone else get really upset when someone compliment you on losing weight? I get really upset. I have had to start losing weight due to health reasons so I know that I will have to lose this weight sooner or later if I want to maintain a good life in the future. Both my parents died of heart problems and they were fit and healthy people, so by me being obese as the doctors refer to it as I have to start losing the weight now to avoid my condition from getting worse. I have taken the dieting slowly so far as it is a change for life.

I'm happy as big and don't want to lose weight. I feel so nice and my self confidence have never been better. I have never felt more at ease with myself, never been more stylish and never been happier. So when people make comments about my weight loss they think it should make me happier, but it doesn't as I feel it as an insult. Why is it that some or may I say most people think that skinnier is always nicer and prettier? It's almost like you are not supposed to be happy when you are fat, or like to make the best of yourself. Happiness doesn't have anything to do with how you look. I mean the weather probably affects my mood more than my weight. There is a lot of unhappy thin people, cause everyone has something you can be unhappy about. Your hair, your big nose, your baldness and so on. If you have friends, family and colleagues around you that respect you for you and most of all you accept and respect yourself then that is two really good happiness factors in life.It's all the little things in life that matters. Like an unexpected hug, a smile from a stranger on the street, a peaceful moment in a hectic day or a crispy cold sunny winters day.

I have had so many stupid comments from narrow minded people so I feel more sorry for them. This can be comments like "how have you managed to get so fat?", " you are actually really smart", "I know sex positions that you obviously can't do" and things that are so ridiculous that they are not worth mentioning. I'm sure most of you have heard similar things. I have been fat most of my grown up life, but never let that stop me from doing anything. I have lived my life to the fullest and I'm always doing fun things. I don't lay on the sofa eating chocolate every day all year around, I have busy weekends and weeknights because I'm out doing things that enriches my life even if I'm fat. So my answer to this blog titles question is ABSOLUTELY!!!

Have you ever had to defend being happy and fat?


  1. I get loads of comments telling me to cut down the weight to look prettier and I hate it! I always stick to the idea of losing weight because of health problems not because I want to be prettier!

    I've just grown to adapt to some who believe that fat is not happy, it has been hard especially with people talking behind your back about weight!

    Body acceptance is defo the key! And I think the way forward is just understanding your own body, if it makes you feel happy then that's all that matters!! xoxx

    I loved this post xoxo

    1. I'm glad you did. I was just being fed up with something I heard today and thought I would get it out of the system by writing what I felt. I'm sorry to hear you get lots of comments telling you to lose weight. If you was to lose weight you have to do it for yourself! body acceptance is definitely the key, it is difficult to get there especially with all the pressure from society and media. Life is too short to walk around being unhappy.. So I have stopped reading things in newspaper etc cause it is all about how I feel what matters! :) xxx

  2. Brilliant post Mookie! I LOVE the bit about the weather probably affecting your mood more than your weight! Same here.

    I think I do get stares because I'm not wearing a grey sack. Why shouldn't a fat person dress up and make the most of themselves?

    When it comes to health and fat people the doctors can't see health. They can tell you your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol are fine, and if that were a skinny person they'd say you were perfectly healthy. But because of having a fat body, they assume you'll be unhealthy DESPITE ALL EVIDENCE. There is obviously a history of heart disease in your family so you will need to take care, but having a fat body doesn't guarantee future ill health. The honest truth is most people don't care about our health, they just don't want to have to look at our fat bodies.

    x x x

    1. Thanks Leah. Just got so fed up over some idiots random comment over the weekend. It brought me down, but I said to myself, he doesn't matter, what a random person say doesn't matter at all. Just stupid ignorance that what it is. But some people are unbelievable.

      Health is important and I know I will have to take care and that is what I have started. Slowly.. I try to eat a bit more healthy everyday and I enjoy my walks and swimming, so that is steps on the way. I don't want to deny myself everything as I want to enjoy life too and not only count calories. I think my way of doing it is right for me.

      I totally agree Leah. I do get stares because I dress nicely and dare to wear colours that make me visable instead of hiding in the crowd. Why should we settle to dress in sacks when there are so many nice clothes on offer for us fatties? I'm proud of who I am an no one is going to bring me down. I have too many lovely people in my life that makes me happy and among them are you and the blogging community that it is great to be part of! :) xxx