Subtle animal print

Today's outfit to the office I went for quite a plain style as I chose only two colours, red and black. It is my favourite colour combination. I wanted my outfit to be quite simple as I wanted to show off  two of my newest animal print buys. My black animal print skirt from River Island and my lovely necklace from lovely Abigail from Glitz and Bobs.

I saw this skirt online and instantly loved the subtle animal print in the skirt. I would actually be able to pull off wearing this skirt for work without getting too many strange looks. Some people has got an aversion for animal print, but I absolutely love animal print. The more the better! My only concern ordering this skirt was that it only went up to a size 18 and since I'm normally a size 20/22 in bottoms I was a bit worried while I was waiting for it to arrive.

It arrived yesterday and I tried it on and it fit!!! I was so happy. The skirt looked so nice in real life and the pattern was very subtle, but still gave the skirt edge to it.Elasticated waistband helps the size 18 to fit my tummy;)

I chose to wear it with a plain black top and a red long cardigan and leggings as the skirt is very short, so it is too short for me to wear with just tights. I thought that this outfit would be the right canvas to show off my new necklace and let that be the centre piece of my outfit today. Isn't it gorgeous??? It is bought from a shop over at Etsy called Glitz and Bobs and Abigail that hand makes these lovely necklaces she had a half price offer on right after payday so I made the most of that and ordered a couple of necklaces. I have ordered a brooch before and that was so nice that I decided to try some more. The necklaces comes wrapped in this cute little box and nice wrapping with sparkly bits inside and yesterday Abigail had even added a candy lolly in the box. The special little touch that makes it so much personal and nice. Like a special little present. If you like my necklace head over to her store and get yourself some lovely jewelry for a bargain price!

Do you ever buy things from Etsy?

Mookie xx


  1. Lovely outfit! Leopard print is always good. :) I often buy jewellery from independent sellers. x x

    1. It's nice to find something that not everyone else has isn't it? I have to admit that Etsy is one of my favourite websites that I browse around on quite a lot. And yes, leopard print is always good... feeling like everything I'm buying these days are some sort of animal print!!! *must not go crazy* :D