Bon Prix first time buy.

Jumper from Bon Prix, Skirt from Very, Boots from New Look, Tights and bangle from Evans, Necklace from street market in Spain
Since moving to England I feel like I'm spoilt for choice in plus size clothing. I mean there might be a long way to go before everything in fashion is equal for us plus size women that likes dressing stylishly and trendy, but coming from Norway where plus size clothes were pretty much not heard of when I moved to Canada back in 2008. Some shops had plus sizes, but the clothes there were so frumpy and old fashioned that I wouldn't wear them if I got paid for it, so I did a lot of clothes buying when I was in UK or I altered clothes.
Coming to UK has given me so much more choice and it feels good to be able to dress in nice clothes even if I'm fat!

I had never bought anything from Bon Prix before, but I decided to buy some things on sale to see if I liked their products.
I had ordered a jumper I was hoping would fit as I liked the photos of it so much. I wore it today with a skirt, tights and ankle boots and I felt so nicely dressed. It is a very flattering batwing style jumper. Nice soft knit and I love the open knitted pattern so I can wear a contrast cami under that will help me change the look of this to match everything I wear it with. I hope the quality is good too, time will just tell. I have a nice cardigan and a pair of shoes I bought from them too, reviews to come, but I'm sure it won't be the last time I order from them as I'm very happy with these buys.


  1. A lovely outfit! I've bought from Bon Prix before, but not for a long time.

  2. Lovely outfit, hun. The necklace and the shoes are gorgeous. I've bought most of my clothes at Bonprix before I found ASOS. And my favourite jumper at the moment is from them too. Really love the Maite Kelly Collection. ♡

    ♡ Mel xoxo

    1. Oh that sounds interesting. yes, I will take a look at more things at Bon Prix. The jumper in these photos are amazing. I will take a look at that collection you mention. Hope you feel better now Mel. xx