Big Bloomers Company

Paris Lady, Sorry for quality for the first four photos.

As you can see they are very stretchy and there is a lot of room.

I can easily drag them over my boobs;)

I'm not scared they will ladder.

All woman

Another pair of very stretchy tights

Even more room for big hips.

Over my big fat belly is always a plus!

Great stretch in the legs

And the thighs.
Lovely Laura at Big Bloomers Company kindly sent me two different pairs of their plus size tights for me to review. I can say from the start that I wasn't disappointed!

Laura sent the  All Woman 60 denier microfiber in size 22/32 and the Paris Lady Microfiber UK size 34/36.

The first pair I tried was the Paris Lady and as soon as I took them out of the packet I loved them. The material was so soft and felt so luxurious that I could tell the difference from other tights I have worn straight away. Felt like velvet to my skin. I put them on and it was so easy! Normally I really struggle to put on a pair of tights cause they are so small and really tight. It's almost painful to put on normal tights. These on the other hand were so comfortable to put on and the amount of elastic in them made it super easy to pull up. And by pulling up I really mean pulling up. These were too big for me(I'm normally a size 20-22 in trousers,but these were sent to me in size 34/36 that can fit hip sizes up to 68", I'm 51" over my hips), but that is not a complaint, that is a plus. I really loved it that I could pull them up so high. I could have pulled them over my head if I wanted to that is how elastic they were. I'm 5'6 and I felt like they were too long in the body, but not in the legs. I wore them an entire day in the office and later around to a friend, walking around a lot and bending and doing lots of different movements and they stayed in place the whole time. No need to pull them up! I was in love! And since they did not feel too long in the legs they felt wonderfully in shape the whole day and the comfort is beyond words. The thickness of them is really good for the winter and they feel warm and pleasant. The material is lovely matt finish as well, and that is another big plus about them as a lot of Opaque tights seem to be very glossy.  I almost feel like I have been going around for 38 years without knowing that these existed and I almost feel cheated cause my tights life from now on won't be the same.

Plusses with Paris Lady Microfiber
  • Very elastic
  • Nice thickness for winter
  • Comes in four colours, black, deep purple, deep pink and slate.
  • Can fit hips up to 68"
  • Very strong
  • Flat seams
  • Stay in place all day
  • Soft
  • Price
The tights are a bit on the pricey side at £16.95 a pair, but I think they are worth the money as they are so strong and comfortable. I don't think you would need more than a couple to last you a whole winter and you would definitely think it is worth it due to the comfort.

The second one the All woman I tried the following day. I had been sent size 22/32 which was a great fit for me. They weren't as big as the other pair, but just as elastic and easy to put on as the Paris Lady. The All woman seemed thinner although it says 60 den on the packet. But although they seemed thinner they felt just as durable and strong as the other pair. I wore them for an entire day at the office with a short skirt. A girl in the office asked where my tights were from as they looked so posh. I told her and after she felt them said that she wanted some as well, although she is slim. The All Woman has got a cotton gusset. The shape of these holds just as good as Paris Lady and they also have got the same elastic as the Paris Lady. In my pictures you can see how I strech them and not once was I scared that they would ladder. That goes for both pairs.

Plusses with All Woman
  • Nice elastic
  • Great fit
  • Feels like second skin
  • No seems that digs in
  • Fit hips to 60"
  • Comes in two colours black and make up(please see their website, but it is a brown colour)

Negatives with All woman

  • Price again 
 The price for the All Woman is £12.95per pair, although you can save if you buy three pairs for £34.95.

 Overall I preferred the Paris Lady ones, but I know I will be returning for more of both.

Big Bloomers Company certainly cater for us big girls in the tights department and these tights will be able to please everyone from size 20+. 

These tights are the best tights I have ever worn!

Please visit their website here as they have a great assortment of plus size tights, hosiery and other lingerie. Big Bloomers Company has got an offer on as well that gives you one free pair if you buy any 6 of their tights. 

*These tights were kindly gifted to me of Big Bloomers Company, but this review is based on my views and experience of wearing both pairs through the whole day. 


  1. I really need a pair of these, maybe in time for my event with Gok! x x

    1. They are awesome. Ok, they are expensive, but one pair would last you a long time. And they are so stretchy that you wont be disappointed!! They actually do an offer that you can get your first pair for £1+postage. So that is not a bad offer. :) Go to their website and take a look. xx

    2. They sent me two pairs, which I'll be reviewing soon. :) x x

    3. that is great!! You won't get disappointed!!! xx