Evans boots

Every autumn I want to buy at least one pairs of comfortable boots that can be my go to pair of boots for the colder time. And as many years before I chose to buy a pair from Evans.
Ever back to when I lived in Norway I have sworn to Evans for boots. I have found their boots a very good buy and they fit what I look for in an everyday boot. Comfort, elegant, goes with everything and office friendly. This year I chose these Black Stitch Seam Riding Boots. They are a good fit for me in 7 Wide. The foot is a tiny bit big, but for the winter this is good so I can wear it with extra thick socks or an extra insole. They came with me all yesterday when I was trekking around the shops, to football match and to the the cinema in the evening. I couldn't fault them. They feel really good on my foot,looks good, comfortable and the heel is just right. Not completely flat and doesn't feel heavy on the foot as some chunky heels can do. They stayed up and in shape all day as well and they kept my feet warm. I had enough legroom to wear them with skinny jeans as well which is a plus as some boots comes very tight, so can only wear them with tights. Evans has always been a hit with me when it comes to boots. What do you think of Evans boots? 


  1. Thanks Leah. They are super comfy so I might wear them when I come to Hastings on Saturday. :)