Summer isn't over-quite yet.

As some of you might know I'm on holiday in Spain. My sister in law had a villa down here with a lovely pool and gardens. The rather has been very warm, around 30-34 the whole week we have been here .so needless to say we have spent lots of time on the pool. I love swimming, but hate sunbathing so haven't bothered using the sun loungers that much. I'm so pale but have started tanning a bit easier with age, but I don't have patience to sunbathe. I have been doing quite a lot of shopping too and got some nice things which I will blog about when I get back to England. Shopping is quite good down here and prices are quite affordable too. Have taken some nice outfit photos for a later post, but today I have been out in my lovely maxi dress from New Look that I bought in the summer. It's from Ruby's Closet. It's been one of the items I wore most this summer. its well made and once again one of the nicer dresses from New Look. It has frill trim to sleeves(short sleeves), neckline and a shirred waist. I just saw that they have a few left of this lovely dress on New Looks website so go grab it while you can as it is so versatile and flattering. Also wearing animal print sunglasses bought in a street market in Amsterdam. My lippy is Russian Red by MAC and my sandals are some old, but soooooooo comfortable from F&F at Tesco. Going back home on Saturday so I will blog more then..X x x Mookie


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    1. Thanks Leah. I love it. It has been worn so much this summer. But I left it in Spain since I'm going back for Christmas;)