Weekend in Hastings.

I went to Hastings this weekend to meet up with lovely Leah from Just me Leah and to do some sightseeing and shopping as well.

Hastings is a lovely town and meeting up with Leah was great! We went for a bit of shopping as well and New Look in Hastings was really good. Great Inspire section. Best Inspire I have visited. So of course I used the opportunity to buy a few things that I will be blogging about very soon. They had a sale on so I got a really stunning animal flocked dress for £11. Bargain!! Looking forward to showing the dress on here as I love it.

 I also bought some new make up. I bought this absolutely stunning nail polish from Miss Sporty for a bargain price of £1.99. Isn't it stunning? I saw it as soon as we came into Superdrug and I said to Leah that it was the most beautiful nail polish ever. I am into the whole metallic theme now with metallic nails, metallic eye shadows and shiny jumpers and dresses, so it really caught my eye. I tried it on tonight and I love it. Here I'm wearing two layers as one did not cover it good enough for my liking, but at that bargain price it doesn't matter using more. You can buy it here if you like it as much as me.

Leah, me and my husband went for a walk around in Hastings and Leah kindly was our guide. She also took us to the quirky nice pub in old Town called Ye OldePumphouse which was really nice and we had a nice lunch.

It was so nice to spend a bit of time with lovely Leah. She is just as I thought she was. Happy, very friendly and so easy to speak to. Already looking forward to next time we meet!!!

 After Leah had gone home to nurse her poorly husband, who I hope to meet next time, Mike and I went to see the big bonfire and fireworks as it was bonfire night in Hastings on Saturday. Leah had said it would be spectacular and she was absolutely right. First it was a big procession with town criers, people dressed up in all kind of outfits and uniforms. We kind of followed the stream of people and ended up in a square near the beach where we waited for the procession to get there. They had built a large bonfire that we saw earlier in the day and when that was lit on fire all the people cheered and clapped. The bonfire was impressive, but what was most impressive was the fireworks.  It was the best fireworks display I have ever seen. Tried to take some nice photos, with mixed result. It kind of felt like fireworks you would see at an event of national proportions like the Olympics or the Royal Wedding. Really lovely. It was my first bonfire night(for those of you not English or don't know what bonfire night is please read HERE)  as well since I moved to England so Mike said I couldn't expect a show like that at other bonfire nights from now on. 

The B&B we stayed in wasn't that great, but it was just a place to sleep so I didn't care that much. I had a lovely time and I will definitely be visiting Hastings and Leah again.

What did you do over the weekend?

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  1. Great post! I'm glad you had a good time and I can't wait to see outfit pics of the clothes you bought in New Look! x x