Holiday photos and outfits. (Picture heavy post)

I have almost finished my first week back at work since my holiday and it has been ok. I have been able to sleep better since I came back from holiday so that has made me happy. Haven't struggled with head aches either, so that is great. The dizzyness is there, but overall I have had a good week. I'm very much looking forward to the weekend though as I can't wait to get some more time to do things like blogging, arts and crafts, go swimming, go for walks and all the other nice things I don't get time to do during the week.

My holiday was lovely. Lovely weather the whole time we were in Spain and the perfect holiday to relax and just wind down from the stressful last few months.

I thought I would share some of my holiday photos with you so I will let the photos tell the rest..

The temperature was very hot the whole time we were in Spain.

From the shopping centre Zenia Boulevard.

Fountain with children playing in the water.

Our lovely pool at night time.

People in the mud baths in Lo Pagan.

Mud bath platform

Me changing colour;)

Me drying the mud in the sun.

Close up of muddy me

Lovely us;)

Sunbeds on the patio


Lovely pudding....

Had lovely fresh bread for breakfast every morning.

Selfie before haircut.

New haircut:)

Very happy with new look.

Out for dinner

My handsome;)

New necklace.

Up in the mountains.

Very different from by the coast.

Out for dinner again.

View from restaurant.

Me wearing a lovely jersey dress from Very. I love this dress in the summer because of its bright colour. Love the cold shoulders and wrap around style. Wears it with cropped leggings from Sainsburys and my comfortable sandals from F&F that I have written about before. My favourite handbag bought in Naples and my new necklace Mike bought to me.


Old windmill in Lo Pagan

Beach walk in Lo Pagan.
Shopping!! :D

More shopping. I'm wearing an old tunic top from Evans, a few years old. Very versatile top. Wearing with cropped leggings and sandals from this summer also Evans. Love Evans shoes and boots so much.

Me in a swimsuit/swimdress that I got from a Facebook page brand new for £3.Bargain as it is so nice and comfy.

Spent a lot of time in the pool.

The skirt part of my swimming dress was very floaty hehe...

The house in the background is my sister in laws villa. Beautiful place.


  1. Love all the photos! The villa looks gorgeous. I'm jealous, hehe! :)

    1. Thanks Leah. The villa is really nice. I feel very blessed to be able to go there when I want to:)

  2. Gorgeous photos. Glad you had a great holiday. I'm a bit curious about that mud think.

    Sorry I haven't answered your last email yet. I put it beside to answer later, because you was in Spain at this moment, and than I … have forgot it. That's normal. Not bad meant. Just … me. If I don't do something imediatly, I forget it. :(

    <3 Mel xoxo

    1. Aww Mel. Don't worry you have been poorly ;) Hope you are doing better now? :)

      The mud bath was fun. Something that I wanted to try and it was fun. The mud is in the salt lake so you can float around in the water after you rinse your mud off, just like in the Dead Sea. :) Was great fun and the mud made my skin so baby soft it was ridiculous!! :D

    2. Sounds lovely and really funny. And it seams that your skin loved it. :)

      I'm feeling a bit better, but I had a horrible weekend and now a sick dog at home. Not the best start in a new week. :/

      ♡ Mel xoxo

    3. Awww I'm sorry to hear that. I hope he gets better soon. Give him some love from me and to yourself and I hope the week has become a bit better. :) xxx