Love Every Body Part 6-Bum

As the months has gone I have become more and more fond of this challenge. I don't want it to end. I want to continue to focus on the positive sides of our bodies and try and see that instead of focusing on the bad.

This month it is the bum that is in focus. My bum. I have never had a special relation to my bum. I have never been obsessed with bums and having a nice bum. For me it has always been boobs. My bum is just something that I sit on. I never do anything to enhance my bum, neither to hide it. It is just there. My bum has stretch marks and cellulites and I really don't care. It is how I am. What difference does it make? It's still a bum.

I really can't understand women who make their bum bigger by putting implants in it. Kind of the same withboobs. Why does everything has to be big, but your body slim as a wooden plank? It just doesn't make sense. If you struggle with self confidence due to small boobs, small bum, big bum or whatever I think you won't get happier if you spend thousands on bigger body parts. It is mostly in their heads. Try and take a step back and think about what really makes you unhappy with yourself. Isn't it influence from people around you, media, magazines and every where you hear that a body has to be this way and that way? 

I have always had a flat bum! I think something essential went wrong when I was created as I was created with everything at the front and nothing at the rear. Or maybe it is simply because my mum had a flat bum too. My bum is quite wide, but flat! Quite firm, but not pert. Flat as a pancake. As you can see from these photos it is not as curvy as my front. I don't think that trousers look especially good on me as I don't feel there isn't anything to fill in the room in them with. I need a size 22 in trousers to fit around my big tummy, but that leaves a lot of space that I can't fill in the bum. It's never been a big problem to me since I don't like wearing trousers that much. I have never struggled with self confidence issues over my bum either. My husband loves my bum the way it is too!

Why not love your body the way it is made? That is to me the best solution of accepting yourself and enjoying life.


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