I Love Clothes, But I Also Love......

...stationary. My entire life I have had a huge passion for  stationary. I remember when I was a child and I used to collect erasers shaped as strawberries (they smelled like strawberries too) and ladybirds.

I was contacted by stationary company, Viking, to see if I wanted to do a review for them for some of their products. I got to chose a few things that I could try from their huge range. I wanted to not go too far from my fashioned themed blog, so I found some really fun and quirky things that link this stationary review with my fashion theme.

Here is what I chose. 

* all these things were kindly gifted to me by Viking.  

When I saw this amazing Scotch Magic tape dispenser I knew that I had to have it. Doesn't it look great? It makes my desk look automatically cooler and different. And for user friendliness to this unusual tape dispenser I can confirm that it works very well in addition to be very good looking. The stiletto is supported by a transparent disk to give it more support, but I feel that I need to use both my hands to dispense the tape to be on the safe side. But to me this isn't a big problem. I'm so thrilled to have found this and I wish that all stationary was as stylish as this.

I chose quite a few different pens as well cause I have a bit of a pen fetish if I can call it that. I have a huge storage box at home filled with pens, so no doubt I'm addicted to pens.

The first ones I tried were the equally stylish ZebraZ-Grip animal print pens. They are a medium point retractable ball pen that are a lot more stylish than a lot of other pens. I chose these as they were funky and fun. I got a three pack of them, all in different animal prints. So wherever you go, if it is board meetings, university or perhaps a casting call for a modelling job you will always be in style.
I was very happy with the overall experience with these pens. With it’s 7mm point size it is very good as an overall pen. It comes in black ink which I prefer. The pen writes very well and it is a smooth writing experience. The firm grip on this pen is also very good, without fear of the pen slipping.

Paper Mate Ink Joy pens. These pens are my favourite of the lot I tried from Viking. I got a packet of 10 Ink Joy 100 ball funbag pens. I had never tried these pens before, but I was instantly impressed. I loved writing with them. They have an unusual triangular shape and the barrell is a bit rubbery so you get a great grip. They run smoothly over the paper and create a fine line of writing. I normally use ball point pens, but I’m a great fan of gel pens too, and these pens are by far the best ballpoint pen I have written with. With an ordinary ball point pen you can often get gaps in what you write. While with the Ink Joy you get an even line throughout.
These pens are gives you a really great writing experience and I will be getting more of them.

The last pens I chose were this four pack of CristalLarge fashion ball pen in assorted colours from Bic. I loved the colours of them. I have always had a weakness for bright coloured pens, especially if I was to write a letter to someone. Cause it is nice to personalise it a bit with something a bit different than black. These pens looks like normal Bic pens and are just as nice to write with and hold. I wouldn't say they were as good as my favourites from Paper Mate, but I do like Bic pens and they have been my go to pens since I learned how to write. These pens has an extra broad 1.6 mm ballpoint. To some this might seem chunky, but I love it as you get a great consistant colour. It is also very smooth to write with so even if I'm writing for a long time, it doesn't feel like a strain on my hand. The only downside with them is that they seem to dry up a bit quick so make sure you keep that cap on.

You can't buy stationary without buying paper to use your writing tools on. I chose this lovely Noir Mini Journal from Paper Blanks. Once again I have chosen style as this lovely little journal is so beautiful. With its lovely Smyth sewn binding and eco paper it is a stunning little book that I'm going to use as a diary. It has got a practical magnetic clasp and a memento pouch at the back. The book is lined which I'm happy about as I don't like black pages very much.

I also chose some post it notes as I use a lot of them at work. I have all kind of shapes at work, but I have never had round ones until these came. They are from Office Depot and comes in bright neon colours. The glue on them seem to be quite good. I haven't found anything to complain about.

Since I'm a blogger I have started collecting ideas for new post in a folder. I write down every little idea I have so I thought I would get myself a new folder to use for blog use. I chose this red 40 page Display Book

Something I find very useful around the office is bulldog clips. So I chose this box with assorted coloured bulldog clips. They are great! Everyone in the office has got some now as they are so versatile and useful where normal paper clips aren't big enough. They hold a big pile of documents better together than any paper clip as well. For a box of 50 this is a real bargain at £4.55

I got some packing tape from Office Depot as I tend to order a lot of clothes online, but send back about 90% of it either because I don't like the way it looks on me or that it is sizing problems. And then packing tape comes in handy. This packing tape seems very sturdy and it sticks to the box or package very well. 

All in all I was very impressed with the quality of stationary and it was also extremely speedy delivery. So Viking has got themselves a new customer in me. I just have to remember to not spend a whole months wage in stationary now cause with that amount of selection it is hard to stay away. 

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