Happy Birthday Mike!!

Happy Birthday My Lovely Handsome Husband!! I love you more than words can describe.

I have just got back from a beautiful day in beautiful surroundings with the person I love so I couldn't be happier. It was such a welcomed break since I have been struggling with my Meniers so much lately. I have started some new medication so hopefully it will make things a bit better as it wears me out.

Bracklesham Beach

 I have felt a bit on and off with my attacks today, so I have tried to make the most of it. Mike and I worked half day and then in the afternoon we went down to the coast for a birthday picnic on the beach. We love Bracklesham Beach and we always go there when we go to the beach. I think we are so lucky to be living in Guildford as it is close to London, but still only an hour and a bit to get to the coast. So it feels like luxury to be able to be located so it is easy to get to both.
It was too cold to go swimming today, but I went paddling. I'm a mermaid as I love to be in water.


We had a lovely lunch and a long nice cuddle on the beach before we decided to go for a long way round drive home. Mike really wanted to go to Ditchling Beacon so we decided to take a drive through beautiful Arundel and also stop by in Brighton. We just drove through Arundel and Brighton, but Mike and I decided that we have to go back to Brighton for a weekend. I haven't spent much time in Brighton at all and it seem like such an exciting city. So Late Rooms will get a visit from me tonight to find a bargain room in Brighton.

At Ditchling Beacon we stopped to look at the beautiful views and enjoy the sunshine. It has been such a lovely sunny day, so we couldn't really ask for any more.
We have been to Ditchling Beacon before, so we know it is beautiful, but this time we got some extra entertainment by a paraglider who had a show for us. It was so much fun watching the paraglider and taking in the lovely scenery at the same time.

When we came home it was so late that Mike just wanted to end the day with a traditional fish and chips. And it is his birthday so fish and chips it was.

I was wearing a maxi dress out for the first time this year which was so lovely as they are so comfy and still look elegant. I wore my favourite animal print one from New Look. 

It's been a lovely day with stunning views and scenery. We are really exhausted so I have no doubt that we will sleep well tonight.

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