I Love My New Glasses- And Some Less Loveable Ones

It has been some very hard and rough days in my life lately so I haven't even felt guilty for not writing since midweek. Family always comes first and my family has needed me the last few days, so therefore the absence.


I bought myself some new glasses the other day. I had wanted bigger glasses for a long time, but since I'm so blind as I am, my lenses has to specially imported from Japan. Due to the cost of my glasses I have tried buying glasses online, but with very bad results. Unfortunately. I ordered two pairs of glasses from online and both of them gave me blurred vision and head aches, so since then I have been scared trying again. Cause it is not just to get the pupillary distance right, but also get the pupil location in the lense right since few glasses are completely circuar the pupil might be higher up on the lense than the middle. So buying glasses online for me is very difficult.

This is how thick the lense is even with the thinnest glasses. 

The lenses get very thick and even when I have the thinnest lenses they are still quite thick so it get quite expensive to get a new pair.  I have stigmatism as well so I could never have worn the cheap Poundland kind of glasses my dad usually wore.

I see so many nice glasses I would like to wear, but I can't afford getting expensive lenses in all of them so I have to settle with a nice pair that can go with everything.

When I chose glasses I didn't want black ones as I think black is very hard against my skin. I didn't want to have anything too vibrant either as I like my lips to be the eye catcher. I use red and pink lipstick the most, but also purple so when I saw these glasses I fell in love straight away. They are two toned with a darker purple colour and transparent parts at the top half of the rim and more of a pink colour at the bottom. They are from Red or Dead via Specsavers and are really gorgeous glasses. I have never had a nicer pair of glasses. You can buy them HERE

Here are some examples of my past history as a glasses wearer through almost 30 years.

Clockwise from top left, me aged 14, me aged 20, me aged 37, me aged 38
I even bought a pair of prescription sunglasses a few years ago. I wanted a pair that was a bit bigger, but due to my thick lenses the optician advised me to go for smaller ones. And here they are

Aren't they hideous? I hate them and the only place I wear them is on the beach! :( I will never let myself be persuaded that they look nice and will look a lot better than bigger ones. Bulls***!

I do prefer my bigger sunglasses that I wear with contact lenses instead. Doesn't take much to see what I'm talking about. 

If you wear glasses what is your favourite glasses and colours? Do you have prescription sunglasses?

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