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It's time for the second interview of bloggers that inspire me and this month it is my beautiful friend  Mayah from Beautyful Youniverse that I have interviewed. Mayah is a bubbly and inspirational girl with a lot of enthusiasm so I hope you enjoy her answers.

Name: Mayah

Living: I live in London

Age: 26 years old


How long have you been blogging? 
I have been blogging since the autumn of last year.

How did you get into blogging? 
I had spent so many years hating the way that I looked and hiding away in "safe" clothes. I remember waking up one day last spring and thinking 'my goodness I have been around for a quarter of a century and I have spent the whole time hating myself!' It was that thought that inspired me to get online and search for fun and flattering clothes that us bigger girls can wear. I stumbled over some blogs and it was then I realised that we big girls can enjoy fashion, look good and wear our clothes with confidence!

Why did you decide to start a blog?
I didn't have many plus size friends before I started blogging but some of my online friends that I knew through working in music and running a Michael Jackson magazine with friends inspired me to start my blog. Many of these women saw me playing around with fashion and different looks and they began asking me where I was buying my clothes, how I was putting my looks together etc. I figured rather than answer the same question countless times I may as well start a blog! I figured I may reach some other women and I might find it a good experience and I way to try even more things with my style. 

How much time do you spend on blogging?
I would like to spend more time on my blog but as I have a lot of other commitments I try and find a healthy balance between everything, I try to pre-plan the outfits I want to post about or the lifestyle topics I like to talk about and I often write drafts on my phone whilst travelling etc.
Where would you like to take your blog? 
As it stands I am working on getting better pictures, and a better layout etc. I try to include a fair amount of detail within my blog, I'm happy with it at the moment but I know that I want to expand on it and make it better than it is currently.

How would you describe your style?
I try to have a variety of different looks. I absolutely LOVE vintage fashion and pinup looks. I find it the style so sexy, fun and comfortable. I love that the style can be casual and chic at the same time as well as being extremely feminine. Having said that I do like to play around with many of the current trends and wear looks that are modern. There have been times when I have tried to blend styles. At the moment I'm having fun with my look and experimenting. 

Who or what is your fashion inspiration?
Different things inspire me to be honest. I like it when people inject their personality into their personal style and have fun with their clothes. Too many people wear what they "think" they should wear instead of what they want to wear and I find that so depressing... 
Fashion shouldn't just be items we throw on our backs, it should be something we have fun with and a way to express ourselves more. I think people should be willing to at least try on new things and take some risks with their style.

How is your wardrobe?
Full on everything! I am really try to have items that can lend themselves to pretty much any situation or event. The sizes vary too, I have clothes from size 14 right the way up to 28 and all of them fit and I wear them all lol.

What takes up most space?
I would say my vintage petticoats and my jackets lol.

What are you like? The bargain hunter or are you quality over quantity?
A bit of both in all honesty. We all like a good bargain and to get value for money. If I really want something for a special occasion or as an item that I know I will wear a lot say a special dress or a coat, I'll be willing to dig my hands deeper into my pocket. When it comes to those pieces that can go with anything and will slip into different styles I don't spend as much money on them as I know I will wear them out more with wear and tear, washing etc.

Do you blog about anything else than fashion?
Fashion seems to be the main topic of discussion but I do include lifestyle posts and the odd beauty post.

What do you like doing apart from blogging?
As I mentioned before I run a Michael Jackson magazine with friends and a fanclub for him over at so that takes up a lot of my time but it is something I love to do. I absolutely love to travel, see friends, read and create photo manipulations on photoshop, hit the night club... I'm easily amused it all depends on who I'm with lol.
A good dinner and a glass of wine with friends is always fun too lol.

What is a must have item for the summer?
For me it's definitely a summer dress, something that can be worn at the garden party, barbecue or on holiday.

Favourite online and high street shop?
I am a HUGE fan of Collectif Clothing who are on the high street and online. Also Asos is a good one as you can get a bit of everything on there.

Do you have music or TV on in the background when you blog? What do you listen to/watch?
I always have music on lol what music I play changes depending on my mood though I could be listening to a classical score, Michael Jackson of course, something rocky or playing Hiphop and R&B.

Tell us about your best bargain
I would say it was when Collectif had a 50% off everything sale! For a vintage fan I took full advantage and picked up some gorgeous bits that took me through last summer! 

That was all from Mayah. Go and take a look at her blog as she is truly stunning and her unique style is worth a look. 


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