A Rainy Day In London

Today I went up to London as a tourist with my Norwegian friend Heidi(she is a blogger as well, you can find her blog HERE). She lives in England as well and we live just down the street from each other so we have started hanging out together every now and then. She is a lovely girl who is quite inspiring as she has lost half her bodyweight in a few years time. She used to be a size 28, but now she is a size 14. I'm not going to talk about dieting or anything like that, just thought I would mention it as she has done so well.

We had planned to go to the Bloggers Love event, but it was cancelled so instead we decided to go to Covent Garden together since neither one of us had been there. We met in Guildford and took the train together up to London. As opposite to yesterday the weather wasn't great. In face it was raining most of the time we were there. But that did not stop us Norwegians from having fun! We had brought our umbrellas so we were happy! :)

We walked from Leicester Square and we soon found Mac! I had to go in to have a look as I have never been to that store before. I was very impressed as it was very big and the staff was very nice and friendly. I paid most attention to the lipsticks. They have so many nice shades. I found a new one I have to buy when I get paid. It's called Relentlessly Red and it is a beautiful summery matt coral red colour. I know I will get a lot of use from this shade in the summer. Heidi got a mini make over as the lovely Dean ( I think his name was) helped her find a foundation. I love going into Mac shops as they are so colourful and modern. It's always busy, but still the staff is so friendly and smiley. We then walked on to the Apple Market first. They have so much exciting accessories there and I ended up buying another pairs of sunglasses. I couldn't resist it!! They were too cute.

Mike had told me that when he was younger him and his friends use to go to the pub Punch and Judy and had a drink before we walked out in the rain.

We saw some rather intriguing street performers as well that was floating in the air. Can anyone tell me how they do this? Do they have a metal construction inside their clothes? Like a podium to stand on? Or have they just learned everything about levitation from Dynamo? :)

And now over to a little warning.

We got "hijacked" of some very eager sellers at Sakare where we got some free soap, but almost forced into buying something. They were talking so fast and clearly has been trained in cunning sales techniques. It felt like I was back in Egypt again and more or less had to buy something to be left alone. I hate aggressive sales people and I don't think it is a good approach by a company to almost force someone to buy something. Mac on the other hand doesn't have to work like that as they know that quality sell the brand.  My friend Heidi bought a nail kit which she found very useful. But they didn't respect our "we are not buying anything more" and more or less pleaded us to buy something more. They even half the price on a body butter to get us to buy it which is a big con especially considering they don't have prices showing in the shop for their products. We did not buy it. I'm so glad I didn't buy anything from there cause after I came home and got some time to think I felt a bit violated as a buyer.

After this very special episode we decided to go to Primark on Oxford Street. I know that is a brave thing to do, especially on a bank holiday, but it was fine. It was far from as busy as it was at Christmas so that was fine. I bought a few lovely bits which I'm sure you will soon see here. :)

We ended the day with a late lunch at Pizza Hut. It was raining quite hard at the time, so it was good to get inside and sit down.

London is a great city to visit and I'm sure a lot of people in Norway find it very exciting that I only live half an hour outside of where everything happens. It's nice to go there for a day, but I do find it a bit of a relief when I sit on the train home. The hectic pace and all the people makes it a bit too much for me. I think as you become older you feel more like seeking quiet and peace.

What did you guys do over the Bank Holidays?

xxxx Mookie.

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