When Guilt Hits Me

The Storm Is Coming

Days goes by and soon we are entering May. It feels like yesterday it was New Year. I think that the older you get the faster time goes cause I remember as a child how slowly time went.

The last few weeks since coming back from holiday it feels like I have been in this bubble where I only have been working, eating and sleeping. I feel so bad about not being able to blog and it feels like I let my readers down by not writing everyday. Work is so demanding right now as we are understaffed. We are a very small team so when there is one person missing it affects the rest of us so much with the extra work we have to take on. When one person is off sick for two weeks and one on holiday for a week, then it's not hard to imagine that the few of us left are under a very high pressure to be able to deal with it all. I work as a renewals underwriter in motor trade and we are three underwriters in my department. But with people away we have to step in and do a lot of other things to.

Since I have been struggling with my tinnitus/Meniers disease/ fainting problems my concentration isn't as good as it once was so I'm having to use so much more energy on my job than I used to. I'm getting better and better of my fainting and fatigue, but the last week and a half I have been struggling with my Meniers so I have been very poorly without taking time off work. I went to the doctor yesterday and got some medicine that will help reducing my Vertigo and feeling nauseous. So hopefully I should feel better in a few days.
I'm away for the weekend, but I have my computer with me so I write while travelling. Right now I'm in the car on the way to Tamworth to watch Woking play. So I try to use every moment I can to write on a post.
I hope you all can just give me a few more weeks and I will be back to more regular writing. We get a new person starting in end of May so that will make things easier for me as a person and as a blogger.

Thanks for reading.

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