Love Every Body 5- Tummy

This months love every body is quite exciting as it is about my tummy. I think that a lot of us will struggle with this one and so did I to begin with as I thought what good is there about my tummy?
It’s big, it ugly and it is the body part I try to hide the most. 

But still my tummy is amazing. It is magical and it has been the home of my lovely daughter for nine months while she was getting ready to come out and see this world. I think sometimes she still would have wanted to still be in there in the cosy, warm and dark room that is only hers. 

I think that we are too self critical most times, me included, and doesn't stop to think how amazing this body we live in really is. 

When you are pregnant it is so important that you caress your tummy and talk to your tummy for the little baby's sake to recognize your voice when it comes out. Your tummy is the visible sign that you are pregnant and women have a special glow when their tummy is growing. When your tummy is growing it is easy to get stretchmarks and a lot of people hate them. I love mine. And loved them back then when I was pregnant. They are like little reminders of a time in my life I was so happy as I loved being pregnant. I had a great pregnancy apart from the last couple of weeks and I loved showing off my tummy in very fitted clothes. I was so proud. Stretchmarks are beautiful keepsakes of a magical time in a womans life. 

Proud stretch marks

Personally I had to have an emergency caesarian so I have a big scar as a reminder of this time. And after a pregnancy a tummy changes and I have a big "sack" of skin/fat/meat on my lower part of my tummy. This part is something I find difficult to like, but I try telling myself that you have got a lovely beautiful daughter that had her home inside your tummy so not strange that your tummy felt a bit battered and bruised by being cut open and stretched like that. 

I have also removed my gallbladder so I have operation scars from key hole surgery which is almost not showing anymore apart from the cut I had right under my boobs. 

The big focus society has got on having a well toned body and beauty doesn't contribute to accept your flabby tummy. I really wish that more women could accept themselves more, rather look at imperfections as signs of living and start living with the body they have as it is so fantastic. 


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