While We Wait For The Summer

It's so lovely out there now and I love all the signs of spring around me. Trees are blooming, birds are singing and collecting twigs to their nest, people come out on the streets and parks for socializing and it is very inspriring. I love spring. It is probably my favourite season. I love the smells, colours, the temperatures, the birds are singing so beautifully in the morning when I go to work, the days are longer, I can pack away heavy boots and coats and wear a dress with bare legs. Finally my favourite, I can roll down the window of the car and have my hand out the window to feel the warm, but not too warm air.... luxery!! :)
I love walking around in lighter clothes and shoes and maxi dresses is my go to in the sun. I never used to like them, but the last couple of years I have found out that shorter girls can wear them too. I'm 5'6, but it works!! I love wearing them to work as they are airy, but still smart enough for the office.

This is my favourite maxi dress. It is from New Look last year and I think I have shown it on the blog before, but it is such a great dress that it  deserve to be showed off again.

I wear this dress  all the time and when I got it down from the attic I had to wear it the day after. I guess everyone has a dress that is there go to dress and this is one of the ones I come back to all the time.

Here is a few other must have spring pieces I have on my wish list. Payday please come quickly!!

Outside our house we have these two amazing blooming trees and coming out the door to go to work in the morning is just the best this time of year. It lifts your spirits. It's all about the little things in life and spring surely makes me happy.

What season is your favourite?

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