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Today I'm starting this series of posts that I will have every month from now on. I have decided to interview other plus size bloggers to find out a bit more about what inspire them and why they started blogging. 

I chose to start with this love girl from Ireland, Michelle who blog over at Stage Your Presence and here is her interview. 

Name Michelle Hogan
Living Cork, Ireland

Age 29

So Michelle you are from Ireland, is there many plus size bloggers from Ireland?

Only 2 that I can think of off hand but there's possibly more I haven't come across yet. Every time I go online I seem to come across new fantastic blogs but most are UK bloggers. I hope I come across more Irish ones, that would be great!

How long have you been blogging?

Only since January properly. I started a blog about a year ago, posted once and then it was radio silence for a long time. I just didn't know what I wanted to say and I wasn't really sure if I was comfortable posting pictures of myself and putting myself out there. Then one day I just decided that instead of just reading blogs I wanted to get involved.

How did you get into blogging?

I came across a blog one day totally by accident, possibly on twitter and read it kind of wondering what it was all about. It was a body positive blog and I couldn't believe I hadn't known people had blogs like this before. Initially I guess I was more curious than anything because I too would have been in the "oooh I can't wear that, it's not flattering" brigade. I really envied the confidence these amazing ladies had to wear what they wanted when they wanted without giving a damn what people said or thought. One blog led to another blog and then another and another. I knew I wanted to be a part of it but, like I said, it took me a while to get the confidence.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I love clothes, fashion and shopping is the simple answer! I guess I wanted my own little online space to share my outfits, nice things I had bought and to try to connect with people a bit too. I'm shy until you get to know me in a lot of social situations so this seemed like a good way to talk to new people, especially those with an interest in clothes and things like me.

How much time do you spend on blogging?

Not as much as I want to. Depending on how many posts I do in a week it would normally be a few hours. 

Where would you like to take your blog?

I have no idea just yet! I feel like I'm still learning a lot but I don't see it evolving into a lifestyle or beauty blog. I want to keep the focus mainly on fashion/style so I guess it's more like my own personal fashion diary of pictures as my style evolves. 

How would you describe your style?

That is so hard for me to do! I'm so good when it comes to other people but when it comes to myself I find it hard to describe me. I'm a rock chick at heart who likes things that are a bit silly a lot of the time but then really pretty and girly at other times. I am a magpie for studs, tartan and check, Dr Martens and skulls. I live in dresses and love things that really stand out as a bit different.. I think my style has always been this way. I was like this when I was younger too with studs, baggy jeans, band t-shirts, hoodies and as much black eyeliner as I could manage. I loved anything Emily Strange and The Nightmare Before Christmas or music related. There wasn't much choice in plus sizes back then so I had a very limited wardrobe and accessorized everything as much as I could to change an outfit. 

Who or what is your fashion inspiration?

It took me a long time to think this question over because there is no one person that inspires me. I think I have been shaped as a person(and in style) by the music that I have listened to and the communities I feel like I identify more with. I discovered rock and metal music when I was 15 and started buying music magazines around then too. Seeing women like Brody Dalle, Amy Lee and Gwen Stefani made me realise dressing how I wanted and like an individual was more important to me than looking "cool" or sexy. As soon as I started dressing for me that's when I became really happy.

How is your wardrobe?

Bursting at the seams! I'm a hoarder - there is no doubt about that. In the last few years it has gone from being mostly stocked with black to being a rainbow of colours. I also only started wearing dresses in the last couple of years. Before that it was all jeans and converse with long tops or black pants and shirts for work. I blame/thank online retailers for expanding my wardrobe!

What takes up most space?

I have a love affair with bags that has been on-going for a good 10 years now. I have a box full of them I have to keep in another room and then probably another wardrobe full in my room. It's not my fault I swear! It's a compulsion I have to give really beautiful bags a nice home. I have well over 100.

What are you like? The bargain hunter or are you quality over quantity?

I am a total bargain hunter. I have become quite a savvy shopper and very rarely pay full price for something unless I really love it. The only things I spend a lot on are my Dr Martens and bags. I have been known to spend outrageous amounts on bags but that has mostly stopped as I am in college.

Do you blog about anything else than fashion?
Sometimes I blog if something happens in my life that has a big impact on me, if I am stressed out or something. I had always kept things in before I started my blog, getting more stressed or angry until eventually I couldn't take it and either exploded into a messy ball of tears or anger but now I write it out instead. It's a good outlet for me.

What do you like doing apart from blogging?

Hanging out with my friends is huge for me. They are more like family than anything and have been a huge support for me. We go for tea a lot, out for drinks or for a meal and to the cinema. I also love going to gigs. Unfortunately none of my friends are into the same music as me but I still drag them to gigs with me or else I go on my own. I never feel as calm or as at home anywhere as I do when I'm at a gig of a band I love. When music reverberates through the floor and you can feel it running through you - it's just amazing. Reading is my other huge passion. I could get up at 9 in the morning and start reading and not stop for the entire day or night. I get lost in the worlds a good writer creates. It's the best kind of escapism.

What is a must have item for the summer?

A great maxi dress. Being 5 foot 8 it's sometimes tough to find a maxi that is properly floor sweeping and a little bit swishy. I love how you can dress them up or down depending on accessories and go from day time to night time.

Favourite online and high street shop?

Online is Asos and high street is Primark. I love that Primark now go up to a size 20 and they have a great Marvel range in stores lately. Asos is the first site I go to for everything really now. Their curve range is brilliant and always has loads of choice. My wishlist is NEVER empty.

Do you have music or TV on in the background when you blog? What do you listen to/watch?

I have tv on in the background but it's only really for noise. I watch very little tv anyway. I can't listen to music when I blog because it distracts me too much. I end up singing along and losing my train of thought. 

Tell us about your best bargain 

My best bargain has got to be a pair of Dr Martens I bought about 6 years ago. They are black with a yellow spray paint foot print across the front and I got them brand spanking new for €40. 

I hope you liked this interview and if any of you would like to be interviewed please let me know either comment or send me an email. :) 


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