Cut For Evans- My Experience.

I was very excited when Evans launched their Cut for Evans. Same day as it was launched I ordered the yellow scuba dress and the leggings as they were the items I liked most. I was very excited about getting the clothes, but when I got them I realised quickly that the dress wasn't for me as the colours were a lot brighter than I had imagined. They were more neon colours than a bright yellow.  I knew that they would make me look dead. I tried the dress in the office toilet as I get all my deliveries to work. The fit was lovely, I bought it in a size 24, which was a right fit for my body. I have never seen my face look so grey and dull before as it did in the dress, so I knew I was returning it. I was gutted as I loved the shape, fit and pattern of the dress. Please Evans get something similar in with less bright colours. I am a fan of bright colours, but this was just made me look like I had lost all blood in my body. This dress would look lovely on someone with slightly different colours than me. But for me it was a miss this time.

The leggings on the other hand I loved. Ordered them in size 20 which is a great fit for me. I have worn them a lot over the month and something I have owned it and it is lovely. The details down the leg is amazing and eye catching. I love mixing it in a monochrome look so the pattern can shine on its own. But I have also worn it with different dresses.

In these photos I was on my way travelling so I teamed it up with a lovely jersey dress from New Look with a lovely waterfall drape I bought last year sometime, my lovely cardi from Primark and my go to shoes of this spring from Marisota.

Evans launched a sale on Cut a couple of weeks ago and I ordered the lovely pink print pencil skirt. I really wanted to give the bright colours another chance and I thought that the pink would suit me better. The fit was lovely and I like the material. But the colours was again very bright, a neon pink, so I decided to send it back.
Despite my personal disappointment with the range, apart from the leggings which are amazing, I think that what Evans has done is so exciting and taken a big chance of giving us plus size girls some amazing plus size clothing that are different and more exciting than anything else that I have seen. I hope they continue to launch lovely ranges like this in the future too.


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