Liz McClarnon Swimwear Range-Part 3 My Favourite Item

Another day with swimwear from me. And again it is from the lovely Liz McClarnon range from Fashion World*. I swear that after today it will be a while before I pose half naked again. So for those of you that does enjoy it, enjoy it while you can, for the rest of you from tomorrow I'm wearing clothes again so no more sore eyes!! :)

I have saved the best for last.. I took the photos for this one first, but I loved it so much that I wanted to save them to the last day of swimwear reviews. The Swimsuit!!


It's amazing!  I have never had a better swimsuit. It's perfect. The fit is perfect. I chose size 22 which is really great fit for me. It has a bust shelf which helps with the support. Even for me with my massive heavy boobies it gives a good support. It has fixed foam cups which gives the bust an extra lift. The swimsuit is like the swimdress is not difficult to put on, but still gives a nice support of your flabby bits.

The straps are removable which is great if you want to get a nice tan without the ugly tan lines. It is a bandaeu style swimdress so it has elastic to make it stay on without the straps. I took mine off to see how the swimsuit stayed on in the pool and it was no problem at all. Everything was secure and no embarrassing happened.  The straps are my only negative point about this swimsuit as I would have preferred them to be broader as they just twist and I'm scared they will rip. But it is not a major problem. I felt so beautiful in this swimsuit. The colour is stunning and the cherry print is bright and bold. The red on the blue makes this such an attractive swimsuit and I know that this is Liz McClarnon's favourite too. I can't wait to wear it more. It's almost so I'm tempted to wear this as a top as I love the print. I need to start looking for a blue dress with cherry print as I have fallen in love with this print.

All in all I'm very pleased with the swimwear. The support in the the bikini top and top of swimdress could have been better for us bigger boobed girls. Also for some the halterneck might be something that they don't like. But apart from this I have no complaints. This is luxurious swimwear for affordable prices. They are also true to size. If you haven't bought any of this swimwear yet, I would highly recommend it. If you have big heavy boobs like myself I would go for the swimsuit which is a great staple in your swimwear wardrobe.

I did not review the kaftan from the collection as there was something wrong with the sizing. The sizing issue is sorted out now so go and get yourself one of the lovely kaftans from this range.

Before I end this post I have to show you the beautiful kaftan I got sent as a replacement. I don't know if Fashion World had read it on my blog that I love the combination of mint green and pink, but the kaftan they sent me was beautiful. Just take a look here!!!

Mint green, white and pink!! When I opened it I was in love. I hadn't seen this on their website so it was a proper surprise. It was like I was taken back to I was 10 and all I dreamed of was having a mint green and pink room... When I tried it on in Spain I swooned around all dreamy and with a very girlish look on my face. You can buy this kaftan HERE.

Which one of the styles did you like the best? And what print?

*kindly gifted to me by Fashion World


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