Hotter Makes My Feet Cosy And Warm

I hate having cold feet. I don’t mind the cold at all and I find it rather nice to just wear a jumper and a cardigan and jeans. If the weather is nice and not too windy then that is perfect. But there is one thing I don’t like and that is to have cold tootsies. I need to keep them warm. I think that it is essential for the body to have warm feet to keep the rest warm.

I was very happy when I was asked by Hotter if I wanted to review some boots for them. I had just heard of their brand recently so I was surprised to see that they had such great selection of practical and comfortable, but yet stylish footwear.

 I took a look and I quickly fell in love with the Pixie*.  They were so cute and so different than any other boot I have. Slouchy style with the cute tassels made them so appealing for a more laid back outfit. 

Don't they look great? Give the little extra to a quite plane everyday outfit in my opinion. 

 I quickly decided to go for the Sangria. it was such a good choice. Beautiful berry colour perfect for autumn and winter. When I got them I tried them on and they were so lovely soft and lightweight. It almost felt like I wasn't wearing boots. I wore them non stop for a whole day while out and about on a trip to Macclesfield and I felt so warm and comfortable all day. What a lovely pair of boots. 

Cardigan from Simply Be (HERE)
Jumper from City Chic (Old)
Jeans from New Look (HERE)*
Boots from Hotter (HERE)*

Aren't the tassels cute? 

They can be a bit tricky to get on at first as they are a slip on style. Especially if you have a bit wide calfs like myself. But I found it easier and easier every time I wore them. 

 They cost £79, but you really get what you pay for as they are not just extremely comfortable. They are cute and stylish too. They come in standard width and extra wide so if you have a bit wider feet like me, I would go for the extra wide ones. They have been introduced in new colours on the website now and they do have the lovely Sangria ones I wear here. In addition they come in Aubergine, Black and Pecan. If you are after some soft and really comfortable boots then check out the link to these lovely Pixie* boots from Hotter. 

*these boots were gifted to me, but all views are mine. 


  1. Oh Mookie I agree! I can not stand cold feet at all or even worse wet feet eww. You chose a beautiful colour xx

    1. Thank you Kitty. :) I don't mind the cold at all, but having cold feet is horrible.. and wet feet??? OMG it is the worst!!! :( xx