The Flirt That Lead To A Love Affair

I have never been shopping much from abroad as I've been concerned about the cost of customs and also about fit as it would be a lot more hassle to send anything back abroad. When I lived in Norway I used to buy clothes online from abroad sometimes as this was the only way I could get more exciting ones. When I moved to Canada there was a bit more choice, but when I moved to UK I felt spoilt. As a size 22/24 I had lots of choice, both in high street stores, supermarkets and online. So I haven't really felt the need to get something from abroad, until now.

I went shopping with the gorgeous Katt, Abi and my friend Heidi back in August. Katt had a dress that she had bought, but didn't fit from Modcloth that I wanted to take a look at as I loved it. I was a bit worried it wouldn't fit over my boobies, but when I tried it on it was a perfect fit. I was in love.

Boob grabbing!!!! I Love this photo of Katt and me. :) 

LOVE the back of this dress. It's so cute. And the print is amazing. 

Modcloth is an American company that specialises in independent designers and they have some amazing and quirky clothes. If you haven't looked at their site yet, go now and take a look and I can guarantee you that there is something that will catch your eye. Visit Modcloth HERE

I decided to wear this dress for the evening do at Plus North and so I did. I felt so nice and I got lots of comments on the dress and that I looked lovely. Here you can take a look for yourself.

 Dress Modcloth (sold out)
Shoes Primark (Old)
Necklace (charity shop, old)
Belt (Street market)
Bracelet Azendi (HERE)*
Flower Accessorize (Old)

Becky, Abi, me and Sam. Aren't we a stunning bunch?? :) 

After this first encounter with Modcloth I have totally fallen in love with the shop and even if it cost me extra to get them sent to UK and the risk of having to pay customs on top of that, the clothes are so beautiful that it's worth it. I have had two more orders come to me since this first lovely dress and I can guarantee you it won't be the last as I'm officially in love.

Do you ever buy clothes from abroad?


  1. I am yet to order from modcloth but this dress is just divine xx

    1. Awww you should give it a go. Maybe do it when they have their great $10 deals cause then you can afford to risk it to see what size to get. I'm selling a Modcloth dress at the moment actually. What size are you and do you normally wear?

  2. I totally want to pop my Modcloth cherry but I'm also worried about customs charges and getting the right size... what size do you generally go for? :)

    1. Yes, you should do!!! I love their clothes. :) I normally go for a size 4X, but I'm so wide around my bust, so I could easily have worn 3X around my waist my boobies calls for 4X and then either it doesn't always fit me. My measurements for your reference is 60-46-51.

  3. I haven't ordered from Modcloth yet and am unlikely to unless they have a sale or do the $10 dresses again. :) x x

    1. Aww why is that hun? Their clothes are such great quality and the prints are amazing. Payday soon, so I guess it will be another order... :)