My Spotty Legs

I was asked by Pamela Mann to try some tights, some hold ups and some stockings since I had tried the hold ups that you can read a review about here.

I wasn't too sure when I tried the first ones on as I thought they were so thin that I was scared that they would rip as soon as I started putting them on. But I was surprised. Cause they went on silky smooth and didn't rip. I actually loved them. I managed to pull the tights high up on my tummy which always is a plus for me as I love wearing my tights above my tummy. I should mention that I wore size 28-32 as I hate tights to be too small. And this was a good fit for me. I'm normally a size 22 in trousers, but I find tights that should accommodate for size 22 too small for my liking. 

I wore them the whole day at work and nothing bad to say about them. They stayed up, they were easy to pull up after being at the toilet, where some tights can be so extremely difficult to pull up properly so it feels like they don't sit right, but these sat right all day long. 

The design is really cute with the black spots. It adds a bit extra to an outfit. You can buy the tights HERE*. I have washed them and worn them again and they still haven't laddered so I'm very happy with these tights. 



  1. I love those! I've been wanting to buy some for a while too.

    1. You should get some cause they are amazing. :) I love them. :)